I’m sorry, Texas.

I need to extend an explination to my friends and readers from the State of Texas.

I have been rather unsympathetic to your plight as of late. To be fair, parts of what you are dealing with sounds pathetic to those who deal with it all the time. It’s easy to forget that even a monicrom of snow is a huge deal to some parts, and temperatures around freezing are strange for a large part of your State.

I find it kind of strange how you got our winter, kind of. We have had about a month of snow, and equal time of freezing temperatures. I understand that the inclimate weather hit suddenly and fast (for you), but our winter has been mild and relatively snow free. At our pique, we had a foot and a half of snow (imperial measurements are a pain in the ass). We have hit temperatures of -20 C this year, which is -4 F for those who measure that wrong.

Seriously, however, your power situation is disgusting. I cannot believe how your power companies have literally hung you out to freeze, and your government is bloody useless. I’m sorry.

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