Hi! I see what you post, and don’t say anything!

Why? You could look at issues like low self-esteem or a superiority complex, but the truth is must more simple than that.

I realized a little while ago that I can look and no one has any clue that I was there. It sounds creepy, and it is! I could fight with posts I disagree with, or updates I find problematic, but the fact of the matter is that I am far too lazy to fight with someone or ellaborate on why they are wrong.

Maybe it is a product of my age. Maybe it is from being beeten down by people flaunting wrong opinions using bad/no research for the last 30 years. Maybe it is because I am non-confrontational.

A big part of it is that I see what someone posts, and I see how some react to it. I do not belong to parts of society that those posts are catering to, and I do not wish to try to change the minds of thousands.

I will speak up if I feel the information being shared is flawed and I have sources to back up why occasionally. Mostly in situations where I feel I actually have a valid and researched opinion. Or, if it is a social issue that impacts me directly. Otherwise, I am not going to fight someone just to fight someone. I am not going to start discourse if it will only change one mind on an issue that will never change.

Some things I will never fight anyone on are:
-female empowerment — Not my place, and if you have archaic views on the topic, society as a whole will eat you alive.
-economics — I have opinions that are bread from observation. Defending my points would be screaming at a wall, and I am far too passive to actually fight someone on the topics. That is regardless of how “right” I think I am.
-raceism/ablism — Either now my place, or society will eat you. I feel I don’t need to justify why I am just going to ignore your post.
-art — This topic has an asterisk on it. I will *discuss* the idea with you, but everyone is aloud to have opinions on art. That is what makes art amazing. We could both experience an expression and get wildly differing views.
-beauty — I feel commenting on someone’s appearence unsolicited to be creepy and unneccissary.

That list is incomplete, but I feel my points are valid.

Is there something you will never voice an opinion on? Even if you really want to?

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