I finally found a way to justify reincarnation in my mind.

It is one of those concepts that I have always thought sounds very nice, but I could never grasp the intricacies of it. I know that it is a very old idea, long before our understanding of bacteria and cells. To assume that only people had the necessary parts of a soul to move to another vessel always sat with me the wrong way. It seemed selfish and arrogant, not to mention too simple of a “truth”.

I was watching a Wisecrack video regarding ghosts, and a point was mentioned that I find myself dwelling on.

They brought up the idea that energy can never be created or destroyed. I knew this, but I had never given it the attention that it deserved. They also brought up the theory that all time exists right now, almost like a block.

They were using the concept to argue that ghosts may live on a different plain that lies “adjacent” to our own, and the spectral intruders that are experienced is more of a flaw in the veil as opposed to actual malicious intent.

Thought they were discussing the concept with tounge placed firmly in cheek, it got me to consider the idea of different realities. If this was the case, reincarnation could be as simple as jumping between realities instead of coming back as something else in our own.

It also got me thinking about how, if time is concurrent, the idea of being “brought back” could result in our “spirit” being encased in a vessel far in our past or future.

For the record, I still don’t believe in reincarnation. I just found myself dwelling on this concept for far too long.

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