January Sixth

I am writing this as a Canadian. I am writing this with no immediate impact made to me or my loved ones. These are important things to note, because it stengthens my point.

We saw.

We got to witness, without bias, the events of that day. We see the reports, we hear what people say, and we keep our mouths closed because “it’s not our place.”

I have been hearing many different sources say that it’s deplorable to compare the events that day to Pearl Harbour. I disagree, simply because Pearl Harbour was an act of war made by a foreign force, this was your own people.

I have heard that this was a “Peaceful Protest” and how the violence was exaggerated to benefit those on the left. To that, I simply point to the dead who were killed by the surges of people.

Now, my only sources are outlets that are biased heavily left. I have tried to watch more conservative pieces, but the objective lies that are told frustrate me to no end. I admit that, because of this, my opinion is skewed heavily towards the left, or more centre left. However, parts of my opinion are based on observation alone.

I am not going to pass judgment or give “solutions”. I’m not even sure if you can find a solution for that kind of event.


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