I might be a ball of stress

Hi! You have probably noticed that I have R E A L L Y sucked at keeping everything up-to-date. I could sit there and load on excuse after excuse, but really, it is because I have been horribly distracted by life.

Also, and this is only a MINOR thing, what I want to talk about right now is incredibly cerebral and I am NOT the person to attempt such a thing. Does not help that my take would be reaction to a reaction and not from a first-hand source.

Anyway, You’re Not Dead is about to get a third release. I have a new book of short stories that I am working on, and have completed about 129 pages. A few tweeks left to go, then I am going to ship it off to the ol’ publisher to uphold my contract!

Incase you missed it, I did post a new vlog the other day. I talked about how we all need to brag more about stuff we do, especially in the arts world. Not exclusively, obviously. No one should be shamed for anything that they think is fantastic! It got me over the hump of 30 subscribers on YouTube, which is always awesome!

On the behind-the-scenes I’m poor and hungry front – my Patreon is not doing very well as of late. If all goes according to plan, I hope to cancel it in the future. In the meantime: it’s the closest thing I have to a conventional income. Please consider becoming a supporter. There are a couple of nifty perks, and I am always fishing around for additional ideas to make things more enticing!

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