That was a kind of trick. I really do not have any answers on finding inspiration, or on how to cope with the reality that you have to continue to exist without any.

One trick that I have discovered is to just kind of write with nothing in mind and see what happens. Maybe mess with grammar and formats to see what kinds of actions jog the creative streak. Of course, I am talking about writing in this instance. I have no clue how to cancauct creative stive in other feilds.

Oh! Another path I tend to lead myself down is to flex vernacular waves and push myself to expand what I think that I comprehend. Yes, I did just write that sentence to flex. Fight me.

Something I have been struggling with, as of late, is having a lot of things going on all at once, but not having anything concrete for a single one of them. It is fun, but also very stressful.


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