anewsin Publishing

Every once-in-a-while, I will be issuing a short story on this site. It will either be from my back catalogue, or it will be a fresh and exciting new release. Please consider giving to my Patreon to help make the releases possible.

I am also very interested in releasing new works from aspiring authors. I cannot afford to pay much more than 10% of my monthly Patreon.

Remember: I know what it is like to produce a piece of art to have it go unappreciated by the powers at be. I hate that, and want to rectify it as best as I can.



February (Martha by Jason Garden)

March (Alone. by Jason Garden)

June (The Above by Jason Garden)

August (Jeremy by Jason Garden)

October (Epic by Jason Garden)


July (Elaine by Jason Garden)

September (Almighty Human by Hannah Jordan)

October (Sophie by Jason Garden)

November (You’re Not Dead Ch.1 by Jason Garden)

December (You’re Not Dead Ch.3 by Jason Garden)