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Between the quiet demise of Mind the Music TO and me just not talking about anything music related for a very long time, I feel like I have something missing. Like a part of me is incomplete.

I recently read over my review of Die Hexe’s first album and realized that I rated it highly, but really did not explain why I loved it. Why I found it one of the greatest albums I have had the pleasure of listening to.

I think a part of my reason for writing the review as I did was that I was just putting it bluntly. I constantly had the task of writing those reviews for an audience who did not know me from a hole in the wall, so I made my statements general and exact without going into long winded explanations and stories detailing why I felt the way I did.

I will now rectify that.


If my fist three paragraphs and long winded explanation for revisiting this piece of art was not enough reason, this is (without hyperbole) one of the greatest albums I have ever heard.

The EP starts with a perfectly orchestrated guitar feedback, then launches into chaos. I really reminds me of a strange cross between Counterparts’ Prophets and Buried Inside’s Chronoclast: Selected Essays On Times Reckoning And Auto-Cannibalism.

Now, with that said: it is absolutely nothing like either of those albums. It just reminds me of the same heavy emotional feel that they evoke. The best way of putting the feeling into words is being late for something important and everything is going wrong: that feeling of your heart beating hard with every passing moment. The need, not just feeling, to scream along with the words even if you don’t know what they are.

Now, take that high stress feeling, and puncuate it with absolute bliss and a calm that can only be experianced in music.Yeah, that feeling.

Yes, this is a metal/hardcore album. That should not disuade fans of lighter music to at least expeience it. That is exactly what this album is: an experience. The emotional rolling coaster one feels as the tracks seemlessly bleed into one another is pure extacy.

I think my favourite part about this album is that it is never showy. There are no traditional solo’s. There is a lead guitar part in Long Live the New Flesh, but it is more of a lead than a solo.

Yeah, if you havn’t noticed, I fucking love this album. I want this band to get the recognition they deserve. Please, do yourself a favour and listen to it. I never push listening to the whole thing. Usually the first couple of songs give you enough to go on. I will not go that way with this album: PLEASE LISTEN TO THE WHOLE THING. Every song is beautiful. Every emotion is felt in full.

This is where I justify how this recording reminds me of death. I mean, I could do the whole pretentious breakdown how it starts running, mildly slows down,  and ends with my third favourite crescendo ending, only to be topped by Cursive’s Domestia and Sparta’s Wiretaps & Scars, but I will leave that description to you.

Seriously, float them a few dolllars for the album, check them out on FaceBook, and remember that I love them to no end.

Just a friendly reminder that I will be releasing the first of anewsin Publications on the first.. The story is called “Elaine” and I am very excited to hear what everyone thinks. There is a .sample available if you want to read what is coming up. If reception is okay, there will be another story in September. I am working on November’s release already, and my good friend Hannah has something set up for September (more information on that soon). Please, support me on Patreon to help me get through life.




I am using this thing as just a personal blog site until I get back to updating about health stuff!

Well, we made it. Another year gone. For some, 2015 was glorious and beautiful. For others, last year was a pit of misery and hell. To them, I only offer my hope that 2016 will be better and hugs.

I really wanted to write talking about what happened in the last year in a kind of reflection. I realize that I ramble on and on about what I am up to on a semi-weekly basis, but only when looking back can I truly be objective about the things I experienced.

    Yes, I switched programs because I hated the one I was in/could not do everything that was asked for me. I’m still here. I’m still doing it. I will succeed. I want to and I have to. It’s costing me too much to NOT make it happen!
    I am far too old for this shit somedays. Somedays I am too scattered. Trust me I say that I will make it happen.
  2. WALKED!
    Okay, that one kind of trumps my last couple of years.
    NOT ALONE mind you, but it was still something I was never supposed to do.
    If you have me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you have seen me post links to my works at Mind The Music TO.
    For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, it is a website I webmaster for my good friend Katie Maz. She takes amazing photos of Punk concerts and various other kinds of local shows. I manage most of the HTML as well as write the occasional review. If that sound like your thing, come out and read!
    Yep, I did.

Somedays, I worry that I put too much emphasis on my old way of life and I am ignoring things I need to do to make life worth living again. That is something I am going to adjust for this new year. Not that I will stop pushing myself, but I need to spend more time on self-improvement for the short term. So that is what I will do. I spent a year becoming who I am today, and a year trying to get back to what I was. I am done with it. I will just be what I can be. I have the people in my life to let me do that, and some people have already asked why I am not just keeping my head down. I live in this horrible place between being truly fucked up and “normal” and some days pride keeps me from just doing what I need to do. Wow. I typed that sentence and realized my main issue. I suffer from an over abundance of pride. Sorry.

ANYWAY. I got watching this great video speaking about why making New Years Resolutions can be futile, and I know that I will not adhere to anything more that what I usually say. So, I’ll just say that.

My New Years Resolution is to be the best that I can be.

Here’s to 2016.


I just jumped onboard something awesome.

My friend Katie started writing a blog on a different website (with terrible html syntax), so I offered to do what I could to help her progression. Her vision for the new site has been fantastic so far and I am excited to keep it going and keep it clean.

She goes to a lot of concerts, so she started reviewing them. That, in combination with her fantastic photos, is the bulk of the articles. She plans to continue to expand and evolve what she is doing to encompass reviews in the very near future.

I urge you to give it a look, especially if you are either in or into punk music. Not that it will always be punk, but it has been so far.