Some Guy Named Rob

I recently started a dialogue with a person named Rob. He is fantastic.

He showed interest in You’re Not Dead, so I directed him to my site to order a copy. Unbenounced to me, he did a review.

It’s great. His voice is amazing, his vernacular is astounding, and his wit is dark and dripping with cynicism. I am sharing this because I am an arrogant fuck and it’s about me, but everything he does, between his podcasts and his music, is fantastic.

I really recommend following him on Twitter, as well. That is where I found him, and even in the constraints of the character count given to you by that medium, his charm still flourishes.

Thanks, Rob!

The irony of this post is that recently, Rob made reference to Ouroboros in one of his podcasts. The idea of talking about blogging/podcast/vlogs while you’re doing one is clunky and awkward. I feel it is okay in this context, however. He gave my book some very nice words, and I never expected it!

That, coupled with the fact that this is one of the funniest, yet not pretentious, things I have heard: I thought I would share the majesty.


This is a strange post, so you have to read it with an open mind.

I came to the realization recently that I have accidentally stumbled into a publisher.

I can hear the confusion already. “This is the third pressing of your book. What do you mean you JUST realized that you have publishers?”

I should note at this point that I am happy with my short stint with Friessen. They were fantastic, and very cognizant of the fact that I had little idea of what I was doing.

Olympia is different.

They told me that, as soon as the book was pressed, it is hands off from me until they need me for unforeseen events. They want me to sit back and work on my next book, and not worry actively about additional distribution. They claimed that they will look for publicity in the forms of interviews and reviews, and they have already contacted several stores, both online and off, about carrying my book.

For the sake of comparison, at this point, Friessen had pressed my book. By their metrics, their mission was done. I do not fault them: I had signed that contract for production, and they were a temporary storage facility for distributors to collect copies of the book when time needs.

A simpler way to explain it: Friessen was a producer, Olympia is a partener.

Some, if not most readers of this blog, are screaming “NO SHIT” at their screens. I do not think that it is unreasonable to feel that way.

Counterpoint: I was not aware what I was in for. I am far from offended, and I am trying my best to be prepared. I do have my next book over 70% done. It’s just strange to think that this is actually kind of happening! I am more that certain that someone will feel as if I am wrong on parts of my mindset.

Hell: I will probably come across this post in a few months and think “…you fucking pleb…” and then resist an urge to delete it to pretend that there is no record of my ignorance.

To be completely blunt: I am kind of writing this post BECAUSE I am in such disbelief right now. As I stated, I made this realization rather suddenly just the other day. I am still kind of reeling.

No, this is not a thinly veiled brag. Honestly, this is me coming to terms with what is going on.

Seriously: it would mean the world if you looked into my book. If you have a copy, there is no obligation to get a new copy. I mean, the cover is beautiful, and the grammar and spelling is cleaned up. It’s a bit more streamlined, and some of the ideas are given greater weight. If you have the old version, either old version, thank you. If you want to see what has changed, get yours today!

OH! I should mention that I am looking for “sponsors” on my vlog! I have started a “Buy Me a Coffee” and a small donation of $10 is enough for 1 min of ad read! The only other stipulation is you have to give me an ad to read. I am happy to say that I am working with a friend of mine, once he gets me a script.


I might be a ball of stress

Hi! You have probably noticed that I have R E A L L Y sucked at keeping everything up-to-date. I could sit there and load on excuse after excuse, but really, it is because I have been horribly distracted by life.

Also, and this is only a MINOR thing, what I want to talk about right now is incredibly cerebral and I am NOT the person to attempt such a thing. Does not help that my take would be reaction to a reaction and not from a first-hand source.

Anyway, You’re Not Dead is about to get a third release. I have a new book of short stories that I am working on, and have completed about 129 pages. A few tweeks left to go, then I am going to ship it off to the ol’ publisher to uphold my contract!

Incase you missed it, I did post a new vlog the other day. I talked about how we all need to brag more about stuff we do, especially in the arts world. Not exclusively, obviously. No one should be shamed for anything that they think is fantastic! It got me over the hump of 30 subscribers on YouTube, which is always awesome!

On the behind-the-scenes I’m poor and hungry front – my Patreon is not doing very well as of late. If all goes according to plan, I hope to cancel it in the future. In the meantime: it’s the closest thing I have to a conventional income. Please consider becoming a supporter. There are a couple of nifty perks, and I am always fishing around for additional ideas to make things more enticing!

Unnamed Podcast 32

I finally got my ass in gear and got one of these done.

I meant what I said in the video! If you have something to brag about, even if it’s just putting your pants on the right way today: tell me about it in a comment somewhere! I would love to hear about it!

About the song — it’s Forlorn by All Cut Up. It was written by Melo and Kev, making it one of the few ACU songs not 100% written by Kev. I do backup vocals, drums, and I programmed the piano at the end. It will probably always remain as my proudest bit of producing I have done.

Podcast link if you don’t YouTube

Unintended Victory

I’m not going to be putting sources because this is mostly opinion/observation, also massive news regarding Roe V Wade in the states.

Has anyone else noticed how the Republican Party in the USA just guaranteed all future wins for the Democratic party over the last half decade?

Between The Former President orchestrating a failed coup that is now getting massive attention world-wide, and the SCOUS removing the main government from decisions regarding abortion, they have cemented a larger voice for those who don’t agree. As bad as all of their decisions have been over the last little bit, and how catastrophic they have been for democracy, it is becoming more and more apparent just how self-sabotaging those political moves have been.

To those who don’t get how it works (incredibly simplified), Roe V Wade meant that individual states have no say on abortion. This meant that it was up to the federal level to regulate how things like that worked. This was great on the macro level, but what was not thought about by the “Justices” is how unliked their ruling was in the collective mind. Now, someone running for governor just has to promise to keep/remake abortion legal in their state. There is enough support for that to make the elections extremely one-sided.

To be extremely clear: I am not a fan of democracy done that way. However, the right keeps making it easier for the “left” from the standpoint that their rulings are so incredibly unliked.

To be clear, I am NOT supporting this ruling. I wish I could do more to help those who need support, and I have made it my mission to amplify voices and movements to better the world. The Supreme Court has demonstrated just how relevant they are in today’s world, and keep making proclamations that cement that idea.

To get ahead of the question of why a Canadian cares: because I am human. Because what happens politically seems to try to cross the border. Because I want things to be better for others. Because I have some sort of compassion, in opposition to the consensus.


Yeah, I did another one celebrating Joel’s birthday. I only meant it to be a “short”, but YouTube decided that it needed to be a full video.


I can share it on here, where the short I cannot. This is a demonstration of the shorts I have done. They are easy to produce, but not too long to take up your day. There is a link to the full playlist at the end of this video, and I implore you to take a look!

American Politics

Hi! In case you were unaware: I am Canadian! I live in Canada, and have so my entire life: despite what you may see in my public feeds. I pay close attention to American politics, as well as Canadian.


This is due to the fact that we share a border. This is because we use American trends as a blueprint for what we can get away with. The clearest evidence of this happened a month ago when it was declared that Roe V Wade was in trouble. Within a week, Conservative and Right-leaning pundits started bringing up abortion rights again in our discourse. Much to my immediate delight, it was not received the best. To my horror, it was not booed at the first mention. There seemed to be actual consideration paid to the topic.

My point simply being that what happens in the States, reflects back in our politics. I find this disturbing as Hell, and I have and will continue to amplify issues when I see them. I try to keep my voice as centrist as I can, but some days my Leftist brain just will not let me stay civil.

I have seen the idea floated around that Canada is seen as an empire. I have seen it floated around that Trudeau (Canada’s Prime Minister and, therefore, leader) is a tyrant. I will simply put one simple phrase to defuse both of those ideas.

You’re wrong.

To go further into it, Canada has a “troubled” past. Especially with the Natives of the land. I am NOT going to excuse the atrocities that we have committed in the past. To say that we are an empire is not only extreme, but wrong. We have little to say on the world stage, and we still have (even if it’s ornamental) allegiance to the British Crown. We have always gone into wars and battles as support, and we have no public nuclear weapons. We are NOT an empire.

Trudeau is the boss of the party that represents the country, far from a Tyrant. Decisions he makes are very limited to ideals that do not affect the common person, and mostly he just confirms what Provincial leaders put forth. Healthcare, education, the market — all things Trudeau has little to no say in. Can he do things in his capacity to change them? Probably, but he hasn’t done very much since taking Parlament.

The majority of issues brought up by the common person relate exclusively on the Provincial leaders. For those who aren’t Canadian, Provinces are individually governed bodies. We have an election coming up for Ontario, the Province where I am sequestered.

We have a Conservative leader who, to put it mildly, is horrible. We need a new leader. Liberals suck, as well. I don’t try to push my political ideology on anyone, but try voting NDP this year. Liberals keep failed, Conservatives are literally making life hard for people who aren’t worth millions. I want to vote Green, but I have little faith in them simply because they are untested. I really do think that NDP will be the best change.

Anyway, that’s enough of me standing on a soap box. If you are interested, here is a link to a great collection of videos by Left of the Box on YouTube. She does a fantastic breakdown of why Doug Ford/The Conservatives are killing people.

Now, perform your Civic duties, Canadians! Go vote on election day!

oh hai thurr

This is kind of a long overdue introduction to me, because I am an arrogant person who seems to write far too much about myself.

I was born in London, Ontario. Lived in Ingersoll for a number of years. Moved to Cambridge for 20 years starting about the age of 6. I went through elementary school and had little to speak of, as far as doing anything too noteworthy. High school is when things got kind of neat!

I started my own record label when I was 15. It was right after recording my first demo with my first band and I felt that it gave us some credibility. It did not, but I felt special anyway. That was All Cut Up. I was with that band from 2005 to 2009. Over that stretch, I helped in the writing and recording of 4 sessions, including 3 EPs and a full length album. We disbanded, and I joined The Twin (who kind of tricked me). I was supposed to just be doing studio sessions while they figured out the first album. They told me that they were looking for another member. About two months into playing with them, they informed me that I was always intended to be their full drummer.

Three EPs and a few hundred shows later, that chapter closed because I had started to join Chance Procedures. It was just me and two others doing instrumental tracks that carried the burden of keeping attention with nothing but fantastic hooks.

From 2007 onward, I was working at a used record shop. I loved my job, and it exposed me to literal months worth of music that I still love today. I was hired part-time, but slowly I moved my way to being the manager of the Cambridge location.

One night, my parents were concerned about the way I was acting and took me to a hospital. I died two times in the following two weeks. I was in a coma for just shy of a month, and I don’t actually have memories from the middle of Octobre 2013 to February 2014.

I was quadriplegic for the next six months. I moved from Toronto, to Cambridge, to Hamilton. All of those hospitals and no exact diagnosis. I regained movement of my arms shortly after I entered Hamilton, and I was finally able to announce my continued existence to the world.

Since I can no longer play the drums like I used to, I started writing to express myself in some way. I now have a book out (3rd edition not released at the time of writing) and another on the way. I know I glazed over several interesting steps, but I assure you, my book goes further into detail about what I went through.

Any additional questions? Leave a comment somewhere! I’ll do my best to answer!