I hate this place…

Yes: I never seem to be happy where I live. Sometimes, I do not realize that I could have been happy if I tried harder until I leave. Sometimes, I am bang on with my assessment.

Burlington is nice for Ables. It is a pretty city close to many other interesting cities. It has many awesome things (Ikea, some awesome concerts…), but it has a couple of MAJOR drawbacks for me. The biggest one is the transportation around here.

It has happened several times: I have to be somewhere, and there are no ways for me to get there. The bus is a bit too far from the destination to make the trip worth it and there is only one wheelchair cab which is booked. I mean, I get only having one accessible cab if you do not have the demand for more, but it always seems to be booked when I need it.

The other night, we wanted to see a movie. Several hours before the movie we had tickets to started, I called to book a cab for 1830.  It was schedueled for that time, so we would have to take it at 1800, which is annoying but doable.

The required trip home would have to be at 2245: they had nothing after the 1800 time they gave me. We would have been fine with a time after 2300, but the cabs stop running at 2300 for the wheelchair rides, and they gave no other options. Basically, people in wheelchairs have a deadline to get home by 2300 or be stuck.

Now, I am not saying that I do not fully understand: I, myself, am in bed by 0000 most nights and do not expect cabs to run all hours of the night. It would be nice, however, to know that I would not be stuck if I was out one night. It would be nice to just have the option. As it stands, I cannot go to a concert or to a bar because, if it ran over that 2300 time, I would be stuck wherever I might be. Frustrating? HELL YES.

Let’s be real: who needs a life anyway?


How to Write a Book

I was asked by a person recently about how they should go about finishing something they started writing and left long ago. Two things came across my mind:

  2. I can only relay what I have been doing for myself, but it does seem like a sound idea. I have written a good chunk (if not all) of my plot down as thoroughly as I could. From there, I plan on leaving it alone for a bit, get a few of my friends to read it over and give feedback, then filling it out. Will that be a good plan? Probably not. My hope is that it will give me the clarity to critically look at my work and rip it apart. I want to entertain me first, then others. I do not want to spoil things, but what I am writing runs the risk of being complex and convoluted. I need to make sure it makes sense, and the only way I can do that is to read it after a long break from working on it. So far, Bekki, Joel, and Steve have all given me input on what I should flush out and pushed me to clean up areas that do not seem to flow. There are still areas that I know of, but I am going to leave them alone for right now. I am writing in piecemeal (maybe 100 words at a time only) to make sure there is some consistency in the tone.


The Potential Move

Natasha and I are looking to move house. We are looking into Hamilton because we are not having a good time in Burlington. I think it is a positive move, even though I have little nice to say about that city. It is her home town, there are a lot more places to work, and the cabs are less ridiculous.

I am also starting to look for a real job. Maybe through the police in the civilian branch. I need to do something other than look after the dogs and cat all day. Mind you, I am writing another book (as stated in the text interview) and I have changed the way I am writing it. I am very excited.

Long story short, I am going to be very busy over the next month and a bit. I am also very exited for all of it. Yay, living life again!

Always Awkward

Today, I had a text interview. I much prefer those over video simply because I can think longer about what I want to say and craft my answers to make sure my point is made. In video, no matter how much time is actually granted to you, there is a sense of rush.

Anyway, I will make sure to post links when that comes up. I just wanted to say something about it because it is fresh in my mind.

The note I will make about it without giving anything away is how strange the feeling of an interview is. It is basically a moment where you can brag and NOT seem like a tool. I am confident on my answers, however. I tried to be honest and modest. I might have even succeeded.

UPDATE: It has been roughly 24 hours since I wrote the thing. I have refused to read it over after the initial spelling and quality check. I cannot decide if that is a good or bad sign.

I am looking to send out more free PDF’s to reviewers. Leave a comment, if you are interested.

How Meta…

(Still recovering from being married)

Welcome to my blog about blogs! I promise that I will only do this when I feel it ABSOLUTELY necessary.

The Shameful Sheep is a collection of the funniest thoughts I have ever read. Blair has a fantastically bleak outlook on situations. She never shy’s away from reminding the reader of that situation they cringed at the other day. Even my wife Natasha finds it hysterical at times, which is saying something: I have the darker sense of humour between the two of us.

The other blog I wanted to point my readers towards is The Viking Reviews. Mainly the “Gibberish” posts, though it is all grand. I will not lie: it is slice-of-life-ish and mild voyeurism, in the best way. I just really enjoy reading it. OH: and the main part of the blog is book reviews. They are all pretty fantastic. (Yes, he reviewed “You’re Not Dead” positively, but it does not sway my opinion what-so-ever)

Anyway, I just felt this compulsion to share these sites with the world. If you have a site I should look into, leave a link in the comment section. I have to approve every comment before it gets posted, so I will be looking into each link submitted.

(I should note that these are not the only two I read, just the two I wrote about today.)

So, why am I doing this? Why am I highlighting these outlets? Am I being paid to mention them? I fucking wish. I just really love them and want everyone to enjoy them.


Wedding Shit

Instead of posting all the pictures that were taken, I will just link you to the page with the demos instead. We are still waiting on the final products (because editing pictures is a bitch, I hear) but the results on this page were absolutely stunning. If the final products are anywhere as amazing as these, I will be ecstatic.


I’ll do a real update next week, maybe. 


I got married on Friday. As you can imagine, I have been a bit busy planning things, so I do not have an update. Please keep yourself posted: I will have something next week (even if it’s just celebratory photos). 

ALSO: it is Natasha’s Birthday today! 


I re-read a blog I did back in October where I mentioned that I was working on a book detailing my 10 years in the Ontario music scene. I even hinted that I might be done a month after the posting.


The disappointing part about that work was that I got stuck in a place where I could not mention a massive part of a band I was in due to 1. copyright and 2. risk of libel. It was crushing. I could half-get around the copyright thing by giving it another name. The libel, unfortunately, is only that because I cannot prove my points. It, unfortunately being true or not, shaped events and decisions that were made after that point.

So, needless to say, I’m not doing that one anymore. I’m sorry to those who were involved and to those who actually wanted my perspective. They were an interesting 10 years, especially the parts that could get me into legal trouble.

I might go ahead and write it all out anyway, and just skip that two-year period. If I do go ahead with that, I will not release it through Friessen. I can, with great confidence, say that I am working on something. I am just shy of 100 pages in and absolutely love the ideas I have. The people I have shown it to seem to enjoy it, as well. I have some major kinks to work out still, but I am happy to say that I am making good progress with that one.