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I think I may have done all I can with book two. I am sending it to a friend of mine to read over to let me know how bad of an idea this was. In the event that this was not a bad idea, however, I will have a new book out in about six months! It is called this book does not matter. and it is short, again. Twice the length of You’re Not Dead, however.

This will be the first fiction that I have written that is more than a few pages long. That part makes me incredibly nervous, but also really excited to share it with the world.

TACKED ON LATE: The post that I made last week was post 150. I might be the only person who finds that a really cool number.


Have You Not HEARD? Part II

I realized on Thursday that this was being posted on October first. Happy spook-month, everyone!

This is a series of blog updates where I either remind you of bands you forgot, or show you things you may have never heard before. Every album listed here is one of my favourites, and I will try not to bring up duplicates from other lists I have done.

Bloc Party :: Four
This band confuses me. I am very aware that they are far from the scope of the mainstream (or, were huge at one time, anyway), but no one seems to talk about them. I have been made well aware that they are terrible on stage, but that does not change the fact that Four is one of the greatest albums I have ever heard. Hard-hitting, spiteful, dark, yet beautiful.
Recommended listening — We Are Not Good People

Boards of Canada :: Music Has the Right to Children
Yes, I admit, this is a strange album that not many people would be interested in. It is electronica, but very much background ambience. Brought to you by the same record label that brought Aphex Twin and Squarepusher to the world, this exists in a kind of strange vacuum that could be considered Adult Contemporary, but it is far too strange and fantastic to be degraded in such a way. (I’m sorry if you like Adult Contemporary, just not my thing)
Recommended listening — Wildlife Analysis

Broken Social Scene :: You Forgot It In People
To set the record straight early: I really hope that no one has actually forgot this band. Seriously, when was the last time you listened to this album? Not recently enough is the answer. Interesting Canadian Pop-Rock, with an impressive collection of vocal artists and very talented musicians.
Recommended listening — K.C. Accidental

Broken Social Scene Present: Kevin Drew :: Spirit If…
Strange, honest, jangly… this album contains everything that could be considered great in the early-2000’s Canadian Indi scene. It contains one of my favourite songs ever recorded and, for the last decade since its release, I rarely go a week without treating myself to this forgotten gem.
Recommended listening — TBTF

Dear in the Headlights :: Small Steps, Heavy Hooves
I feel so badly for this band. They were released on Equal Vision in 2005 and were quickly overshadowed by the emo and hardcore movement that was taking place at that time. Ignored by the masses, the world dejected one of the most talented bands to ever grace our planet. Good from beginning to end, please do yourself a favour and give it a fair listen. Do it for you.
Recommended listening — Sweet Talk

Deathmole :: Present Peregrine
This is a fake-not-fake band. Jeph Jaques created Deathmole as a joke in a comic he writes, and then used the opportunity to flex his creative muscles musically. The result is a very interesting take on the Djent genre. As far as I am aware, the drums were all programmed. I must say, he did a fantastic job on them despite that fact.
Recommended listening — Personal Charm

Death From Above 1979 :: You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine
My friend Kevo and I did a rendition of “Turn It Out” for a school pep-rally over a decade ago. The album dropped back in ’04, and I think we performed it ’05? Does anyone remember, or have a link? Was there ever a video taken of this? I would love to see it. That occasion stands as one of the first times I tried to sing and play drums: and I forgot the words half way through. It was awesome.

OH YEAH, THE ALBUM. It is Punk with just bass and drums. Hard, strangely funky, a lot of fun. I don’t put it on often, but I am always happy when I do.
Recommended listening — Turn It Out

Hot Hot Heat :: Future Breeds
Fun. Fucked. Amazing. I love this album. (I just noticed just how much of this list is Canadian, and I am far from sorry about that.) This album is a great example of what you can put in music that will annoy people, yet still do incredibly well at the end of the day. Phenomenal lyrics that hide time and key changes masterfully. Something else I feel like I should mention: the vocals are much less obnoxious than they were on earlier releases. I am not saying that they were bad, back-in-the-day, but they were grating if you could not get behind them.
(secret: if you want to see a drummer cry, get them to drum along to this album. It sounds simple, but it’s noooooot)
Recommended listening — JFK’s Acid

The (International) Noise Conspiracy :: A New Morning, Changing Weather
I will be candid here, I hate this band. In my eyes, this album was fantastic, Survival Sickness had some good tunes: THAT’S IT. You may recognize the singer as being the front man from Refused, but he does NOTHING to that caliber. Not that he should, however. This album is a strange combination of Surf-Rock and Punk: it worked once, at least.
Recommended listening — Up For Sale

Lullabye Arkestra :: Ampgrave
This band is strange. Like, proper strange. Just bass and drums (on stage, anyway), and they were very artsy. The drummer was from Do Make Say Think, and his wife was on bass. They put on one of my favourite live acts I have ever seen. It was awkward, fun, loud, and inviting: you felt like they wanted you there, and everyone else was your good friend. Really recommend listening to a few songs off this album before you jump to a conclusion.
Recommended listening — Unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maximo Park :: A Certain Trigger
This album means more to me than it probably should. I picked it up randomly when I was still working at the music store on a whim. I was immediately caught off guard by how much I enjoyed it. It reminded me of The Smiths, without sounding anything like them. They are one of the tightest bands I have ever heard, and the lyrics are very ridiculous, but still important.

Random personal story: when I was fresh out of the coma, and finally starting to realize the world around me, I identified with the song “Apply Some Pressure” in a morbid way. Something about the way the singer keeps repeating the phrase “What happens when you loose everything? You just start again. Start all over again.” It just resonated with everything that I was and still am going through.
Recommended listening — Apply Some Pressure

(Of course, I would point out the song that keeps the album close to my heart.)

AMENDMENT TO MAXIMO PARK: After listening to “The Queen is Dead” I no longer agree with my Smiths comparison. I do hold true to the fact they sound like that era. The Smiths are their own beast, and few bands will ever be able to recreate that sound reliably.

I am not here to tell you what you need to listen to. I just simply need to remind the world of these artists and/or bands. If you do not love them, as I do, that is okay. I still want to make these exposés every once in a while. As I have stated in the past, I do aim to do a music update at least once a month. I have not done one since June 25th, and I am not proud of that. Please, share this list with your friends. Tell me if you found something awesome, or recommend something that you think I might like!

Why do I bother?

I have been working on my next book for the last few months. I am doing so quietly because I feel I am prone to make promises that I cannot keep.

I have run into a frequent issue that I have. What I have so far makes a fantastic story, in my observation. The plot is complex, the characters are rounded, and the scenery is detailed and flushed out. I have only written 70 pages, and a few of them contain only a sentence or two.

I view this as different from writers-block. It is not that I do not know where to go, it is more that I do not want to taint what I have so far. I do not have more story because I do not want more story.


I think I know what I’m going to do, and hopefully it will stretch everything out to at least 100 pages. 

I REALLY like it, and I hope you do to.


The single most confusing thing to me is people who expect me to walk who have never seen me walking. It infuriates me to no end, and I am not sure what they are getting out of picturing me walking around. I am as independent as possible and RARELY ask for assistance: so it’s not like I am begging for a hand doing simple tasks.

No. I can no longer drive. Even if I started walking tomorrow, the seizures have made that a fact. I am, however, not driving. I always got myself around and rarely asked for rides. I even avoid making plans to events I know I have only a small chance to get to.

The major thing that I missed from driving was the soundtracks that I concocted to join me on the venture. Yes, I can listen to what I want to when I want to now, but there is something magical about music playing over your actions.

I Find That Hilarious

I got thinking about what exactly I find funny.

I’m not sure why. Maybe it was Idea Channel dissolving slowly, maybe it was people (in my mind, anyway) not reading my posts in the right way. Maybe it was my wife saying that a large percent of what I was saying is NOT* funny.

*yes, she emphasizes the not.

Do I think I am hilarious? No. I actually think that I am extremely not funny. I do, however, relay to the people around me what I find funny.

Let me make something as clear as I can: LIFE IS HILARIOUS!

I’m in a wheelchair! Plus I’m epileptic! I say these things NOT for sympathy, but I do say it because it is funny as hell!

…but am I afraid…?

Yes. Everyday is terrifying for me. What if I have a seizure and no one is around? What if I cannot perform a simple task BECAUSE of the wheelchair? Am I more fucked that even I realize?

Is that not FUNNY to you?

That’s why I write, to be honest. To have everyone know that life is fleeting, you WILL die, and something horrible will happen in your life — you may as well find all aspects of it funny.

A good joke doesn’t hurt anyone. As Jimmy Carr said, “offence is taken.” Jokes are occasionally, yes, at someones expense, but the “victim” knows that it is a joke. Hurting someone intentionally is NEVER funny. You really cannot fight me on this and have me agreeing with your side.

Anyway: that’s my ramble for the week. I’m sorry this was so unfunny, it was on my mind this week.

I hate this place…

Yes: I never seem to be happy where I live. Sometimes, I do not realize that I could have been happy if I tried harder until I leave. Sometimes, I am bang on with my assessment.

Burlington is nice for Ables. It is a pretty city close to many other interesting cities. It has many awesome things (Ikea, some awesome concerts…), but it has a couple of MAJOR drawbacks for me. The biggest one is the transportation around here.

It has happened several times: I have to be somewhere, and there are no ways for me to get there. The bus is a bit too far from the destination to make the trip worth it and there is only one wheelchair cab which is booked. I mean, I get only having one accessible cab if you do not have the demand for more, but it always seems to be booked when I need it.

The other night, we wanted to see a movie. Several hours before the movie we had tickets to started, I called to book a cab for 1830.  It was schedueled for that time, so we would have to take it at 1800, which is annoying but doable.

The required trip home would have to be at 2245: they had nothing after the 1800 time they gave me. We would have been fine with a time after 2300, but the cabs stop running at 2300 for the wheelchair rides, and they gave no other options. Basically, people in wheelchairs have a deadline to get home by 2300 or be stuck.

Now, I am not saying that I do not fully understand: I, myself, am in bed by 0000 most nights and do not expect cabs to run all hours of the night. It would be nice, however, to know that I would not be stuck if I was out one night. It would be nice to just have the option. As it stands, I cannot go to a concert or to a bar because, if it ran over that 2300 time, I would be stuck wherever I might be. Frustrating? HELL YES.

Let’s be real: who needs a life anyway?

How to Write a Book

I was asked by a person recently about how they should go about finishing something they started writing and left long ago. Two things came across my mind:

  2. I can only relay what I have been doing for myself, but it does seem like a sound idea. I have written a good chunk (if not all) of my plot down as thoroughly as I could. From there, I plan on leaving it alone for a bit, get a few of my friends to read it over and give feedback, then filling it out. Will that be a good plan? Probably not. My hope is that it will give me the clarity to critically look at my work and rip it apart. I want to entertain me first, then others. I do not want to spoil things, but what I am writing runs the risk of being complex and convoluted. I need to make sure it makes sense, and the only way I can do that is to read it after a long break from working on it. So far, Bekki, Joel, and Steve have all given me input on what I should flush out and pushed me to clean up areas that do not seem to flow. There are still areas that I know of, but I am going to leave them alone for right now. I am writing in piecemeal (maybe 100 words at a time only) to make sure there is some consistency in the tone.