Patreon Supporters

It took me far too long to create this page.

This is a page listing everyone who has supported me financially through the Crowd Funding program Patreon. Each name links to an article that was written about them. Take a look!

Johnny Ferguson (FANTASTIC)

Sarah Wheeler

Katrina Hay (FANTASTIC)

Katie Maz

Patrick Hussey (FANTASTIC)

Joey Hartman


Martha Maznevski (FANTASTIC)

Jacob Ewert

Chrissy Feldcamp (FANTASTIC)

I tried to go about getting Amazon on board to support this site, but it really does not want to make life easy. Until I figure out another way, Patreon really is my only way of making money on this platform. If you know of any other ways, pass them along. In the mean time, consider becoming a Patreon! It really does mean the world to me, and my family. love and appreciate your support!

(last updated September 29, 2018)