The Short Answer

Instead of making one search through pages and pages of updates: Here is the quick synopsis.

I got sick in October 2013. I actually went to my GP for some guidance. His reply was that I “have a flu. It will get worse, but you’ll be okay!”

I then drove home and carried on as normal. I was always that person who got REALLY sick every year but never for long.

Less than a week later, I passed out at my house and was rushed to hospital. Within 24 hours, I was in a coma and remained there for twenty days.

I had contracted a case of Viral Meningoencephalitis. From what I have subsequently read, it is the swelling of the brain to fight an infection. What had caused it, they never found out.

They pulled life support fully expecting me to die after fifteen days. When I didn’t, they plugged it back in. I woke up not knowing what was going on. Last I remembered… well, to be fair, I didn’t remember much. I had traveled from my home in Cambridge where I last remember calling into work sick, and woke up in Toronto with a breathing tube and being unable to move any part of my body.

I spent the following few months a quadriplegic. Initially, I could not feel anything below my neck. I started to get feeling back by the end of February 2014 and then got my arms back by the end of March. It was that uneventful, as well. I mean, I was very happy to get something back, but I was still a bit shell shocked for the time being.

I was put into a manual wheelchair in May 2014, and have been in one since. I like to pretend that I am good at using the thing by now.

I got out of hospitals after ten months. I was home for a year, and now reside in Hamilton, Ontario. A student at Mohawk College, and very much alive and opinionated: two things that I was not supposed to be.

I started writing this back in February of 2014. It is just my tale. As far as I can figure out, I am the only person alive that has ever gone through this, so I write to HOPEFULLY pass on some guidance.

If you want to support me, please look at my Patreon page! I don’t quite know what I am doing with it, but I am figuring it out as I go!

Thank you for reading this over, at the very least. I hope it answered some questions. I swear, it is all I know. At the very least, it is shorter than reading over 50 ramblings.