My Uneventful Appointment & Other Things

I was asked by Nicole Lyrette to write about this venture, so blame her that there is NOTHING to talk about.

I went to have a followup with the surgeon who removed the stone from me. As expected; he was friendly yet professional. I will have regular contact with him for the next two or so years, so I do not have to worry about a second rodeo.

There you are, Nicole: I hope you are fucking happy. Because of you, I have wasted everyone’s time for ten minuets.


Now I will talk about why I do not like coming home!

It really comes down to how no matter how my family tries, this house is far from accessible. I cannot get what I want when I want it, and that makes me sad. My room/apartment is set up exactly how I want it and I can reach everywhere.

My family tried to make this situation usable, and it is as good as anyone could make a one hundred year old home work. I have just out grown this.

Guess what? I made it through an update without cursing the government in some way!

Current Condition

Recap of recovery time!

So, my upper body is fully recovered. Muscle tone in my arms and chest have started to come back. Skin is looking good. Hunger, eating and breathing have all returned to normal.

Numb sections in lower torso are all but gone. I still have reduced muscle mass at the hip joint, and that is the major detraction from my walking. Though the feeling is almost perfect, finally, I still cannot move the toes on the right side. The toes in my left cannot reset themselves to a normal position, but are getting better at doing so everyday.

I have been in the pool 4 times, which have gone very well. Pictures are available, if you are interested.

All in all, I would say that things are coming along well. It has been just shy of two years, but at least six months of that was decay. How long will I be where I am? Well, ask me again after surgery.

Video from August fifteenth, 2015

Bladder Issues

I honestly cannot even say that without giggling like a young child.

HI AGAIN! I wanted to talk about something I have a really hard time talking about in hopes to make myself a little bit more accepting of it, and I hope for a little bit of direction.

So, as you MIGHT have heard, I’m in a wheelchair. SURPRISE! I know! Who saw that coming? I DIGRESS.

Like I stated in my second blog, no one is one hundred percent sure of what happened, what flu I caught, or whatever. One thing that is apparent, though, is what happened shortly before I went into hospital.

My legs went weak. I was throwing up. My muscles got very stiff. My neck swelled. I stopped being able to urinate.

Please tell me someone else finds me writing that hilarious to read?!

So, the medical response to someone not emptying their bladder for days on end is to insert an indwelling catheter. Its basically a tube placed in a urethra. It connects from ones bladder to a bag. They are quite common to receive during any extended hospital stay or as a result of any surgery.

The thought behind a neurogenic bladder (that I have put together from the little bit of reading I have performed) is that the nerves controlling the bladder have given out, and the individual will have to perform intermittent catheterization for an extended time until everything comes back.

Well. Fun little side bit of information. Someone fucked up. SURPRISE!

What happened is that a little bit of dirt or plastic (would probably have been microscopic) ended up in my bladder at some point last year (2014). The result is my body encased it in a compound, probably calcium, and it resulted in a stone. The stone in question is 4.5 CM in diameter. The stone takes up about 95% of my bladder. Is that not hilarious?


My eventual point is that I have to go back in for surgery to have it removed, which is scheduled for August 25th. I really do want it to happen earlier, but the medical system is all kinds of messed up in Canada thanks to our great political power that currently sits in the most important seat.

SO YEAH! That’s my attempted at talking about an embarrassing thing that has happened during this whole ordeal. There are many worse things, but MOST of those will never be brought up.