I did a bad

So, I was doing all this planning and research for my next update. It was going to be another top-10 list of albums that I highly recommend listening to. I was planning on going about it entirely differently and I was genuinely excited to share it.

Then: I did something horrible.

I do not have a strong excuse, but it did not save I probably hit the “be a moron and throw away hours of work?” button when it came up.

REGARDLESS: I spent seven hours getting together some amazing albums, finding songs, and writing blurbs about each one. It probably was not all that good, but I thought it was fantastic.

I have talked before on this site about the importance of doing something you enjoy to survive another moment in this bleak existence. I have three sources for distraction: music, writing, my wife. That is not to say that is all I have in life, quite the opposite: between friends and family, my calendar is rarely empty. I will say those are my favourite and most time consuming things because I make them so. I would not have it any other way.

Let’s talk about stuff

Over the last few posts I have made, I have received several messages privately expressing similar situations you all have found yourself in.

I am honoured that you want to speak to me, of all people. I will be honest: I have no clue what to say. I love that you feel you can talk to me, and I will always be a willing shoulder.

My recommendation is, though, that you leave a comment on the posts. Leave your mark. Maybe someone will relate or have better judgment that I on the situations.

That does not mean don’t talk to me! I am just offering ideas to get some better and less cynical views.