Buy me a coffee?

I set up a new donation thing at Buy Me a Coffee! It’s a bit more user friendly than Patreon, but I will still keep that one active for those who prefer that.

As I have mentioned before in a blog post I cannot be fucked to find so I can link to it, this site does have (minimal) upkeep costs. Plus, it is my primary source of income right now, other than government money, since I cannot work.

Please, consider donating. No, there is no obligation. My animals do like eating, though.

The one thing I will promise through Buy Me a Coffee is a monthly conversation. I am spending some time looking for a way to set that up right now. I will have everything figured out by February at the latest.


It’s my anniversary today! I love you, Tash. Always will.

I try not to do posts like this too often, but I have to!

I do not have huge monthly expenses, but I have enough that life is a pain-in-the-ass at times. Cellphone alone costs just shy of 200$ a month, and that is ignoring medication, gas, car, utilities, etc. etc…

I am not asking one person to help me out exclusively, but just $1 a month from each follower on WordPress gives me another $100 on top of what is already being made.

I am beyond excited to be over $90. Tickled, even, and I feel I do not thank them enough. It definitely helped in renewing the subscription to the site, as well as the URL. That was a huge help in getting those mundane tasks complete.

Please, donate what you can. I try to keep on top of bonuses. I understand if I do not get anything from this plea. Please consider it!

~One Year

Well, we made it! One year of me bitching and complaining! Thank you so much. I am so happy that you keep coming back! I appreciate it, though I do not understand it.

I have been doing this with no financial backing except my own. I wanted to keep you all free from advertisements. I am putting out my hat again, and I am very sorry that is a thing.

I am starting up a Patreon to supplement the costs associated with having a blog like this. My costs are minimal, but I cannot keep doing this if I am paying for it myself.

The donation amount will be public knowledge, and my use of such will be dictated to you.

Patreon is a kind of subscription service. You can figure out payments your own way: Whether it is a dollar or a monthly amount. It is also set up for one time donation! So, if you feel like just giving a dollar once and never again, you can!

If the donations do not equal the costs, I will keep this going, I will just need to change the formatting around a bit.

Thank you. I am sorry.