As some of you may have read, I moved back to Cambridge, ON today. I am NOT excited for the move, but not for the reasons that some may have anticipated.

First, I am EXCITED to have all of my friends near by. I have missed you, and I am finally within a decent distance to most of you. In fact, I think there are only two that I am farther from, and only one that will actually feel the sting of my moving.

So, why am I not excited? I am 30, married, and had to move in with my parents to keep existing. I love my family, I really do, but it is embarassing to go almost three years on your own then throw in the towel because life “got too hard.”

ANYWHO, I am going to need the week to organize myself. I have a post going live on Sunday only because I wrote it a little while ago.

heh.. So much for taking the month off. I think I posted more that I have in months prior.

What Happens When I Fall?

That is a question that I have not had to find an answer to until this week. In the last 12 hours, I have fallen twice while trying to get to the bathroom. I take care of it myself, but it is awkward and silly.

I am not quite sure what happened the first time: I was up and then I was down. What happened was that I hyperextended my knee and my ankle on my left foot and was left with a couple of nice bruises.

The second time, however: I was aware all the way down.

What seemed to happen was that my left foot (the one I hyperextended) tried to step. The pain was too great, and my right buckled in sympathy. The result was me sitting on the ground for a few minuets while I tried to catch my breath.

While sitting down, I was given enough time to reflect on what is going on. What did I learn? This sucks. Being in the chair sucks. Not having legs that will carry my weight sucks. Not being able to be the great man my fiancee wants me to be sucks.

Life Sucks.

Then, I remembered that three years ago at this time, they were prepping to pull a plug on me. They were telling my friends and family to say there goodbyes because the machines would not be keeping me alive anymore. There was a doctor who told my mom and dad that, if they kept me alive any longer, I might wake up but there was such a great chance that I would be brain dead that it was not worth it.

Three years ago this week, I was deemed dead. It was decided that there was no chance in me living a normal life, and definatly no chance in me being happy.

So: what happened?

The plug was pulled, I survived. I wrote a book, got engaged, and moved into an apartment. The last twenty-four hours included, I have fallen a total of five times. Not once have I severely hurt myself or anyone else around me.

In fact, one of the four was one of the funniest things! I pulled a wheeley in my chair and, stupidly, forgot my laptop was on the back. The increased weight carried the force backwards, and I was not able to right myself. What happened was that I landed on my back, laptop dented, and ego severely bruised. My roommate was there and, luckily, was able to put the chair behind me while I lifted myself to a standing position using a walker.

The last two times, I was in a very small room. The walls are such that, with me on the ground, there is no way to fit another person in there My fiancee was asleep the second time, and at work the first, so I was pretty much alone to cope with the situation at hand.

I did not have a point to much in writing this: I more just have my twenty-seventh birthday Saturday, and nothing to write about. I hope you found this entertaining, if not enlightening. I will write a less blog-like update in my next post.