Have You Not HEARD? Metal Edition

I pretty much started writing this as soon as the last was posted. I am no fool: I know metal is not everyones cup-of-tea, but it contains some of the best musicianship you will ever hear. Some of these albums have warped my mind for years, and those I just found “recently” will warp my mind for many to come.

I will warn you: some of these albums are very-much not metal. The main intent of this list is to point to albums that, I think, should be acknowledge by the community.

Invent, Animate :: Everchanger
An example of one I found recently, this band blows my mind every time I listen to them. Aggressive, beautiful, fast and complicated. If you do not have this album, rectify that instantly. NOTE TO DRUMMERS: The fuck…? People can do that?
The link in the band name is the first track on the album Everchanger called Sol. It is a song that gets in my head, and stays there for days.

Structures :: All of the Above [EP]
You may notice a trend in the metal albums I recommend: they all have ridiculous drumming and general song structure. This EP is no different. I will confess, I have not listened to their full length that came out a few years ago. The vocals are a bit trying, but any musician can appreciate what they do on this.

Straight Reads the Line :: The Author
What does this album do differently than most? It has amazing lyrics and incredible dynamics. I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with these boys many times, I must say they NEVER disappoint.

Sleigh Bells :: Treats
I can almost hear the cries of disbelief. Yes, I put a pop band on this list, but SERIOUSLY: listen to this album. It is the guitar player from Poison the Well and is so barely pop. The only thing that keeps it in that category is the use of a drum machine and the style of vocals.

Melt-Banana :: Bambi’s Dillema
The best way to describe this album is “What?” quickly followed by smashing someone’s head into a concrete wall. This album is the definition of ridiculous.

Hail The Sun :: Wake
Shown to me by the beautiful Stephen Correa, this album hurts me in all the right ways. Think Circa Survive, but more complicated. Seriously, the drums on this album are damned near impossible to follow, yet make perfect sense.
BONUS POINTS! The drummer is the lead singer! You can find some live videos online.

Buried Inside :: Chronoclast: Selected Essays On Times Reckoning and Auto-Cannabalism
Seriously, with a name that unnecessary, you know the album will be amazing.
This album is unfair with how fast it is at points. From Canada, this band broke up in 2010. I cannot decide if it is too bad they broke up because they could have done amazing things for metal or fantastic because now this album will not be corrupted. With that said, I do have their other two albums. They are good, but not this good. Seriously: how do people’s minds work this fast?

Counterparts :: Prophets
I can hear eyes rolling from friends of mine. I played with this band several times back around the release of this album in 2010. It’s fast, angry, and beautiful. I personally loved the guys in this band, and felt that they always put on a fantastic live show. This band contained, at one time, one of my favourite drummers in the punk/metal/hardcore scene in Ontario.

The Contortionist :: Language
Funny story: I discovered this band about two years before writing this. I had only heard this album up until a month ago. I only like their sound on this album. That is NOT to say that I don’t hear the talent on their prior recordings, but I am a huge fan of the band Tool: this album shares a lot with Tool’s Lateralus album, which was my favourite album up until a couple of years ago. Combine that with my inability to comprehend some of the writing behind the progressions and you have a recipe for me to love every minute of this album.

The End :: Within Dividia
I harp to my friends about this album all of the time. Not prior to this recording, nor after, have I found something more complicated. More visceral. More amazing.
Definitely for fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan, but much less punk. The drummer is nothing shy of a beast. I got the pleasure of seeing this band on a tour for the album after this one, which was much different, but the event was more like a religious experience as opposed to a concert.

Well, that was fun! My attention has been less on metal as of late, so nothing here is very new. I hope you found something new that you love.


Sorry that I got a bit distracted from the tale. Onto the next part: me leaving

So I was in Freeport for about two months: June and July. I had some great roommates. I had a roommate who talked to himself at every part of the day. In his defence, he was very old and very crazy. Other than the very awkward conversation that I was not privy to join at any juncture, he was very friendly. I had two other gentlemen in the room with me. One of them tried to get me to join his religion, and it was very had to bite my tongue while he regurgitated a bunch of stuff that I knew was made up or one sided. It made him happy, so I was in no position to say anything.

The heads of the rehab facility would have these discharge meetings. It was basically an appraisal of what your status is, how much more the facility can help you, and if you are worth their time. There was the Occupational Therapist, Physio Therapist, head Nurse, Director of Faculty, Home care liaison, and some other woman who I had not seen before, I had no clue her role, but everyone was afraid of angering her.

To say it was intimidating to me was a bit of an understatement. However, I was just my usual, brash self. I made references to things no one got. I said things that made everyone uncomfortable. I asked questions that had clearly never been considered before. It was fun!

The end result of the meeting was that I would be discharged from rehab, finally, and I would be discharged soon. I was rather ecstatic. My father was understandably concerned. I was given one more week to just sort out whatever it was that a 25 year old man had to sort out after being in institutions for almost a year.

Saying goodbye to people for what was likely the last time was surprisingly easy to do. I was done with hospitals for the good part of my life. I was rather content with the amount of nurses who had pushed there way into my sphere of influence. If I never got another pill or needle again, I would be okay with it.

I kept my discharge date secret for all of a couple of days. Not from patients; that would just be rude! I mean from the internet. I was in a kind of disbelief, and was waiting for life the pull the rug out from under my feet at any moment.

So, let us do a recap of where I was physically at this moment! I was in the wheelchair still. I regained my ability to talk, to move my ligaments from the waist up, and I could raise both legs to the same height. At that point, I still did not have toe movement or glasses.

Time for the more fun count: NURSES AND NEEDLES!

Nurses that I remember: 30

Needles: 100 (ish)

Doctors that I remember: 10

Nasal Gastric Tubes: 2

X-Rays: 5

CAT Scans: 5


Thank you for joining me on this journey. I know I have forgotten some things and I will write the following posts regarding those as I remember them. There was a video taken May seventh of my progress, and I will post that really soon. If you have a story regarding my stays in hospital, please share. I want to get other perspectives. I want to share a lot more if there is more to share. I also want to take a moment to thank every single person who came out to see me, or thought of me through this horrible time. I cannot prove your intentions helped me at all, but I know that they were far from ignored.

I also want to thank my family for supporting my pathetic ass though all of these hardships and trials. There is absolutely nothing I can do to show how much it has all meant to me. There is nothing I can do to pay you back. Just remember that I love you and I thank you.