valentine’s day

I love my wife, very much. It doesn’t change that I hate this day with a passion. I think it’s shallow, and I resent the idea that we have a day to remind us to express the love for another. So, I give you a collection of things that are true on ever level to put into cards or whatever. I got my wife flowers.

We all die alone.
but I want to pretend that I die with you.

Let’s attach ourselves legally and monetarily
because that is what society says that you’re supposed to do.

For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health
being saddled with incredible debts and thinking we could ever own anything.

Put up with my artistic expressions
or else I’ll blame you for my stagnation.

I love you today…
…and will tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow…
…even when I hate you.

I love how
I feel like I have to buy you stuff when I cannot afford it.

Remember when we were younger?
Our clothing does.

I’ll let you pick half the playlist…
…and I won’t complain that much.

I won’t think of other people sexually.
I promise.