Nocturnal Seizures

I have to state on the offset that my experience in this is nothing shy of that; my experience. I do not speak for the whole of the seizure “community”, or whatever people who experience seizures go by. I am not a medical expert, and I am simply expressing my experience in regards to the topics that I present in this.

I had a seizure in my sleep last night. I was sleeping, so there are no marks or injuries to share.

“In lieu of physical representation, how am I sure that I suffered an episode?” I hear no one asking. That is a fair question. Without seeing something, how could I be sure that I had a seizure?

When I have a seizure, which is a word that I have never used so many times in a row, my extremities feel heavy. It almost feels like I have a 10kg (~20lbs) weight attached to them. That is how I know that I had a seizure last night: I am sore. I feel like I lifted something way too heavy. My emotions are all messed up thanks to all the chemical fluctuations that I experienced.

With all of that, what can be done for negating seizures at night? From what I have read, which admittedly is probably not enough, there is nothing to do. A large part of the process is management. Someone recommended me CBD, which is not a horrible call. Unfortunately, I have tried CBD. I probably did the process wrong, if you can do that process wrong. From my reading, it does great for preventing chemical seizures, but mine are structural.

It debunks a plethora of myths around what to do if you see someone having a seizure. In my research, I have read that epilepsy is far more common than I initially thought. So, watch that, and don’t ruin someone’s day from your ignorance.

/hides soapbox under some stairs

Be wrong

Do you know who has more power than you relize?

That person who doesn’t say anything. That person who stays online for hours of the day just learning various things.

They may seem anti-social, but there is a chance that they have done their, ahem, RESEARCH!

Yes, there is a chance that most of what they spout is conspiracy nonsense. There is a chance that they could actually have reality on their side. If you don’t agree with what they have to say, have notes to back your position up.

Why do I say this?

Recently, a discussion with a family member resulted in them putting me in an awkward place. I gave my personal position. They retorted with “bring me research or you’re lying”, so I did. They turned around after reading what I had presented them and retorted with that if I didn’t agree, I just had to say so.

They were so entrenched in their convictions that even a dose of reality sent them into a spiral and resulted in me being manipulative and condescending. They said that I could find research backing up their position, so I read some.

SURPRISE! It only kind of hinted at their position not being entirely wrong, but did nothing to back them up, as they had claimed.

Yes, this is turning into a bit of a rant. At the same time, I am kind of steering away from my initial narrative of “trust those who read too much.”

Please, allow me to course-correct.

My point is that you should not dismiss something right away, even if it goes in the face of what you think you know. Be proven wrong. Be happy that you are learning something new, even if it damages that viner that you have been cultivating all this time of you being the “professional” on a topic. It’s okay being wrong.

At least you know something new, now.