That’s Better…

I am sorry for the vanishing last week. My wife bought me a new laptop for our anniversary, and it was very difficult for me using my main PC to update.

*insert joke about being blind here*

So, yeah! I have a new laptop. It is nothing fancy, but it does mark the first time I have owned a Windows computer in over fifteen years. No: it cannot handle the gaming that comes with having Windows over Mac, but there are other programs that I can utilize for the first time since early high school. I’ll let you know when I bust one out.

I know that you probably crave specs. Unfortunately for all three or four of you that even care, I do not care. I am just happy that I can have a computer on my lap for the first time in a week or so without getting angry at how slow everything has gotten.

Oh: I should probably fill you in on what happened with my last laptop…

Basically: it slowed to a crawl after my dog knocked a coffee onto it. I was far from surprised that it had that effect, but I was upset non-the-less. The massive perk with this computer is that it is actually lighter than the one I had. The downside is that, though disabled, Cortana is fucking EVERYWHERE. I don’t trust it. I was able to disable Siri no problem, so I am sure that I can figure out a block in no-time.

Now, excuse me while I remember how to use this fucking OS in a timely manner.

*gets frustrated and gets coffee*


PLEASE NOTE: I may come off as ungreatful, but I am quite the opposite. She got me a fucking LAPTOP! How awesome is that!?!?!?!?!?!

It was brought to my attention that I kept saying that Elaine would be released in July and I pushed it to June. That was my mistake, I guess I was just excited. Almighty Human written by the amazing Hannah Jordan will still be released September first. I am excited. I hope you are to.

The Most Unfortunate Thing

My laptop would not connect to a power source and the batterie was dead. What a strange thing to go through. I honestly did not know why it was doing such a strange thing, but it hindered writing and expression for a couple of days.

I took it in to the Apple store to get it looked at. After about thirty minuets of diagnostics and whirly-boops, I was notified that it just needed a “power reset” of sorts.

What had happened was the power source that I was preferring was too strong, 80W to be exact, and it had over-charged the laptop. I had never heard of such an issue before, but it did make sense. It was also very embarrassing since I had recruited my parents to assist me in this adventure. There was a silver lining, however: the diagnosis was free. Needless to say, I am getting back to writing tomorrow (March fifth) and do not plan to stop until I literally run out of ideas.

What I am focusing in on now is exploring the idea of relative isolation from both my experiences and those recorded. I am going through this journey through the eyes of individuals who do not exist, in a literal way. I am looking forward to writing my first fiction ever. So far, I have four pages and 20,000 words. I seem to be sticking to one tone without trying, thank Glob! It is one of my biggest deterrence from doing a fiction on prior dates: I am too scattered, usually, to stick to one tone of narration. I know this about myself and I have been trying hard to move passed it.