What is your normal?

The title of this alludes to what I want to discus today.

We speak of normal as if there is a ridged and long lasting definition for what it is. If we went by the first time I heard it in relation to someone’s life, it would include accepting the Gulf War and Bill Clinton is the president of the USA. Human rights were discussed but not universally implemented, smoking was far from being ban in most countries, and grade 13 still existed in Canada.

Social changes are inevitable, so what does it mean to lead a “normal” existence? It could be argued that the nuclear family, a steady paying job, and aspirations that are achievable are normal. Ironically, that cuts a huge swath of the population out of the definition. I mean, by definition, single children families, single parents, and the disabled would all be cut from the definition. Collectively, they make up a greater majority than the sample size. Would they no longer define normal?

This is why I choose to define normal for myself, in that I just define it as being comfortable in life.

Now, where this gets tricky is when people decide to compare and contrast. All because I cannot walk does not mean that I cannot have a normal day by my standards. This leaves me to wonder by what metric people are gading “normal” when it does not exist?

There are plenty of studies showing how 99% of the wealth is held by 1% of people (cite). Their lives are the ones portrayed in movies and TV shows, so are they the definition of normal? If majority reigns, normal should be living in destitute conditions under a communist regime. (looking at current populations of China and India [India is not communist, but does have a large population in poverty according to the World Vision poverty calculations])

I vote we all define our own normal. Our own place to keep our minds at peace. We have to survive this world, we should be able to dictate what we consider normal.


Welcome to the new site! I hope you like it. I will be doing a lot of updates over the next month. So if something needs to change, please let me know!

I have been putting a lot of thought into the word “Normal.” What a silly concept! Everyone is trying to be unique, but any attack on the normality of their actions results in chaos!

Let’s run it down: I am in a wheelchair, frequently have a mohawk, and have had 15 piercings over the years: I have gaping holes from where my plugs used to be. Often, it gets pointed out to me how I am not normal.

…but what if I am?

What is normal? There was a time when the majority of people, it seemed, had some sort of piercing. Would that not be the most normal thing to get a piercing, in that case?

What about being in a wheelchair makes me not normal? Not the standard, I will agree to that.

My point is that “normal” no longer pertains to the status quo. It is used as a slight towards a person or situation if the individual using the word does not agree with the situation and has numbers to back up their claim.

Anyway, that is where my mind is at with things and stuff.

I have been asked a few times why I changed the “brand” of my site after three years. I needed a bit of freedom to talk about things that were not wheelchair related strictly. In writing about VME (because even I cannot spell it most days), I was writing to a niche group, and I knew it. This name allows me to have the freedom to write what I want. Yes, most posts will, in fact, go back to disability laws and rants about wheelchair life. There will also be posts about movies, video games, art, and books. I’m excited, and I hope you are too!