It’s not a competition

Okay, this is a tricky post, but I find myself needing to say something.

There are people who will compare their situation to yours. I am not saying that is OBJECTIVELY a bad thing, but I am saying that there are some situations where you need to just nod a smile.

Now that people have stopped reading a decided that I am just pissing in the wind, allow me to elabourate.

Life is not a competition. If someone is having a bad day, they really do not need to hear about how your day is worse.

COUNTERPOINT: You may have opened the floodgates to someone who just really needs to talk. Maybe they aren’t trying to compete, but they don’t have an avenue to release their pent-up anger.

My point is: there is no winner if you are trying to out-“I have it worse” each other. We’re all in horrible situations all the time. This century has not been kind to a majority of people, and the future is terrifying to anyone who is looking forward. Everyday, there seems to be a study explaining how you are going to die and the blame falls on you OR on someone that you know won’t change anything for your sake.

Somehow, blame and change have become political. It has been proven in the past few weeks regarding Canada’s failure to accept blame for their part in the residential schools across the country. I am not a professional, and I have not done enough reading to feel comfortable pinpointing where to get the most accurate reading material on the topic, but a quick search on the ol’ internet will give you so many hits.

Okay, I need to get off the political soapbox that I have constructed yet stumbled over.

My point still stands, however. Life sucks, so there is no point in competing to have it harder. Maybe, just an idea, instead of putting a fuck-tonne of burden on someone ranting, give them a heads-up that you have a relating issue that you need to talk about. Maybe, give a warning before unloading about something else.

There is always the risk that they will listen.

Let’s get awkward…

There is something that I haven’t voiced on this blog. Or, at least not in a long time. My friend’s significant other gave birth to a beautiful set of twins on my birthday. What year? The same birthday that they pulled the life support from me and I was expected to die (2013). Needless to say, I never forget how old they are.

I don’t really have much of a blog post to put here, except that I was thinking about it earlier and I felt that I had to share it. Fuck knows my wife is probably sick of me telling her over and over again, so now YOU poor people get to deal with this bit of information.

I just think it a bit of fun trivia. It doesn’t explain reincarnation or the like because I didn’t die. You would think that there would be horrible memories tied to their existence, but quite the opposite. I am happy to share a birthday with them, and extremely proud to have them in my circle. I think my friend is a fantastic father. I’d be remised for not adding that I never pictured him as a father, but that’s a story for another day.

So, that’s your bit of shinfo for the day.

OH! Air cushions are still the worst. I’m sitting here in INCREDIBLE pain and discomfort. I have used so many patches and so much duct tape fixing small holes that keep appearing, but somehow I always miss one or five.

I cannot comment on all air cushions, but this one is split into four quadrants. It makes it easy to estimate where holes are, because just that area is affected. HOWEVER! If it isn’t totally visible, life is lived constantly trying to keep up with inflating and shifting air around the structure. Thank fuck I’m patient and not one to complain offline.

Two more pieces of information shat don’t matter! I hit 150 followers the other day! I’m sure that most of them are advertising and hopes for a follow-for-follow, but I still did it!

And, finally, a reminder that I have a book available! You can buy it here, it is on Amazon, but I’m not going to make that post easy because they are weird about listing that shit. Also, it’s a huge re-write of You’re Not Dead, plus all the anewsinPublishing stuff I had written up to the point of publication! New, sexy, black cover on physical versions. Significantly longer, but not too long to be daunting. GRAH I love it so. I’m just really bad at advertising, so if you wouldn’t mind telling anyone who would be interested about it, that would be nifty!

What Happens When I Fall?

That is a question that I have not had to find an answer to until this week. In the last 12 hours, I have fallen twice while trying to get to the bathroom. I take care of it myself, but it is awkward and silly.

I am not quite sure what happened the first time: I was up and then I was down. What happened was that I hyperextended my knee and my ankle on my left foot and was left with a couple of nice bruises.

The second time, however: I was aware all the way down.

What seemed to happen was that my left foot (the one I hyperextended) tried to step. The pain was too great, and my right buckled in sympathy. The result was me sitting on the ground for a few minuets while I tried to catch my breath.

While sitting down, I was given enough time to reflect on what is going on. What did I learn? This sucks. Being in the chair sucks. Not having legs that will carry my weight sucks. Not being able to be the great man my fiancee wants me to be sucks.

Life Sucks.

Then, I remembered that three years ago at this time, they were prepping to pull a plug on me. They were telling my friends and family to say there goodbyes because the machines would not be keeping me alive anymore. There was a doctor who told my mom and dad that, if they kept me alive any longer, I might wake up but there was such a great chance that I would be brain dead that it was not worth it.

Three years ago this week, I was deemed dead. It was decided that there was no chance in me living a normal life, and definatly no chance in me being happy.

So: what happened?

The plug was pulled, I survived. I wrote a book, got engaged, and moved into an apartment. The last twenty-four hours included, I have fallen a total of five times. Not once have I severely hurt myself or anyone else around me.

In fact, one of the four was one of the funniest things! I pulled a wheeley in my chair and, stupidly, forgot my laptop was on the back. The increased weight carried the force backwards, and I was not able to right myself. What happened was that I landed on my back, laptop dented, and ego severely bruised. My roommate was there and, luckily, was able to put the chair behind me while I lifted myself to a standing position using a walker.

The last two times, I was in a very small room. The walls are such that, with me on the ground, there is no way to fit another person in there My fiancee was asleep the second time, and at work the first, so I was pretty much alone to cope with the situation at hand.

I did not have a point to much in writing this: I more just have my twenty-seventh birthday Saturday, and nothing to write about. I hope you found this entertaining, if not enlightening. I will write a less blog-like update in my next post.