Waking Early

I have been going to bed earlier over the last few days, and starting my day similar. I’m not a fan.

I always hear about this magical life regarding starting the day early. I have not found the same majesty that other people have promised. I get roughly eight hours every night, but I find that the day drags.

Maybe it is because I am self employed, maybe it is because I am on other people’s schedule. I find that the hours between nine and one are a slog. I have even started exercising earlier to maybe kill the time. I have started writing earlier. I have started research and reading stuff that I usually struggle to fit into my day.


I am doing all the things I would normally stretch over the whole day in a matter of two hours. I understand that the point of starting the day earlier is to get everything done, but I am now just packing more into my day to HOPEFULLY kill the few hours I have gained. It is boring, lonely, and kind of irritating.

I think I need to make a change again. I seem to have a huge life-changing event every few years, and I have lived in the same place for the last two years.

I have been querying my next novel to a few agents. I hope that I have a response some time soon. On that note: if you know of or are a literary agent, please contact me somehow. I have been trying to do things myself, but I am sure that my methods are the wrong way. Using search engines to find a very niché kind of agent is probably the wrong way of doing things.

To get back on topic: I think that the extra time I have created for myself is making me impatient. I hit refresh on emails damn-near constantly, even though my phone would tell me if I had something that requires my attention.