no god

I found myself really considering the point of religion and faith. In particular, what the Judaeo/Christian structure could do for my life

Once upon a time, I actually considered becoming a man of the cloth. I loved the idea of devoting myself to a higher cause, and belonging to a structure such as, in my case, the Catholic Church appealed to me. Around the age of 13, I was faced with the option of Confirmation in the Church. I decided that, if I was actually going to pay homage to the faith, I should do my reading.

I was appalled at the crusades, the racism, and the blatant contradictions being presented to me. Out of respect for the faith I once regarded so highly, I decided against the sacriment.

I spent the next couple of years teetering on the question of why I was so aghast by things of the past. I learned of the toucher conducted in the residential schools, religions continued existence in politics, and did reading into concepts that buck that mindset which was being dictated by the biggest institutions on the planet.

Today, I found a new question to pose: why?

Why allow yourself to sit in a box created by anyone? Why do you strive to live forever? What is the appeal of coming back to this literal Hell? What’s so wrong with things just happening?

I’m not looking to change anyones mind, but these are actual questions that I cannot figure out the answers to. What is so wrong with living a life of hedonism? Is it so bad that things just H A P P E N? Is there not some extended comfort in the idea that there is NO consequence for actions we make? Am I actually alone is thinking that it would be nice if there was nothing after we die?

this is about you

Fact: I rarely post anything with any thought of anyone.

If you are offended by what I post, ask yourself: does it attack me directly?

The answer universally is: NOT INTENTIONALLY.

I try, not always successfully, to post completely objective truths or very personal ideas. I am NOT trying to offend you. If you are offended by what gets posted, ask yourself ‘why?’ before jumping in and claiming I, or anyone else, is wrong. You might be exactly the person being attacked, but there may also be a good reason for it.

The other day, I reposted from an external source that Jesus was not white, and was anti-establishment. These are facts. However, a person jumped in saying refuting these facts, pointing to his church and the great charitable works they do.


I just pushed along the facts that the Christian church has a shady past, and some people in the church needed a reminder that Jesus could NOT be a white man living in the Middle East in the time period being discussed in the Bible. His attacks on the regime in place are what made the Christian faith so important in history. Not once did I say that you are a bad person for not remembering that, I merely brought it up as something to be remembered.

The fact that I need to remind people that not everything posted online is an attack on them is, at this point, rather embarrassing. We have been living in an internet based world for over 20 years. Actually, depending on who you are and what capacity technology plays in your life, it could be argued that it has been closer to 50 years of internet borderline dependency. At this point, it shows your personal character if you think every opinion and statement is geared directly towards you

Does this post not contradict this point? Well, very astute, but the difference between what I am talking about and what happened is that the statements provided above are general. These are “facts” that apply to a broad audience, and really are not all that offensive. The affronted individual decided to attack me, personally, as if I was attacking him directly.

“Do not feed the trolls!” I hear the masses scream.

I removed him from personal lists, which I am confused how he got on in the first place. I can almost promise you that he does not read this site, as well. To attack him anonymously on the internet may seem petty, but I will not post his name. I deleted his public comments so no one can point him towards this. I have done everything in my power to make sure that he remains in ignorance of this, and I feel as though he needs to read this, anyway. To remind him that opinions on the internet are not usually meant to attack or hurt one person specifically, or divide anyone.

We live in a troubling time. The left-minded see an attempt at a rise in Fascism in one of the most powerful countries in the world right now. The right-minded are trying to embolden their way of thinking without having an oranged-faced oompa-loompa dictate how they are perceived. We are seeing bully-tactics being okay’d throughout the political sphere in Canada, which cheapens any sort of advancement. All of this on top of a global pandemic that, as a global population, were woefully unprepared for, even though there have been warning by scientists for years.

I get it; we are hurting. All of us need compassion and love instead of snarky comments and GIF depicting our beliefs, either spiritually or politically, are wrong. Personally, I would love nothing more than a hug most days.

We have to remember that soon, maybe even tomorrow, all will be better. No, nothing will 100% return to normal, but it will be better.

I love you.

Except you, Phil. You’re a dick.