I feel terrible.

I was talking to a friend of mine regarding the American election that is about to happen, and I expressed how horrible I felt. I have this feeling of panic that normally would be in connection with a severe lack of nicotine in my bloodstream, or the grasp of doom and death taking its on my everything.

She pointed out the idea that it could be caused by a climate of dread that looms over the impending election.

As a Canadian, I have literally no say in the way the election goes. It feels mildly ironic, seeing as the outcome of the election has a direct influence on the way politics on a global scale shapes over the next few terms. Not to mention the possible consequences it could have on the WHO.

I bring a very simple question that I want an honest answer to: what has the current government done in the last four years that has benefited you directly? I honestly wish to know. As a Canadian, I have not seen one thing that does anything good for the standard man. I see a lot for companies, and I see a lot being done to sew confusion and fear, but little-to-no good.

If I just missed it, I will concede my point.

My initial point is still that we can all get through this trying time. We have each other, and feeling useless is normal.

Change is scary. Together, we can do whatever we need to.

PATREON SUPPORTER TALE :: Katrina (or “Kat”)

Kat is a good friend of mine with a strange story that I am both unsure how to tell, and excited to share with the world.

She is from Northern Ireland. She came with her family to stay a few days in Hamilton and stayed at my residence (which was a hotel at the time). I am a bit fuzzy on why we started talking, but regardless: her and I spent hours outside talking about things. Mostly, the pains of being in a wheelchair.

She was also afflicted with something that put her in a chair most of the time. We would spend hours outside in the hot summer sun discussing various topics. Her family and I did not see eye-to-eye on the notorious “Brexit” that was going on at the time, but we never had any bad blood between us.

Over the time we spent together, we spent hours delving into stories of our pasts and killing time laughing at the ridiculous things that happened around us.

Since her departure back to the across the pond, we have kept in contact via the internet. We vent and express issues that we have in our day-to-days and keep each other entertained with the various things we have been spending our time on. She keeps me sane, most of the time, and I hope that I do the same for her. She has sent my wife and I a few things over the last year, and was one of the first to congratulate us on our wedding.

I have been doing thinking about how to go about offering things on Patreon since I opened it back up. I like doing these retrospectives on those I know, but have been dreading the idea of doing the story about dragons for the last little bit, in the event they ever happen. I think I will do chapters. Each chapter will be of equal length, and they will each contain the same level of epic-ness. I refuse to start writing them ahead of time, so even I will be heavily entertained by them when they happen. I hope you like them when they finally happen.



Linda and I have a very uninteresting history. She is the mother of a friend of mine, and she is/was a regular at the music store I managed.

Being a nurse, she took an interest in everything I have gone through. One would think that once I left hospital, however, her interest would wain. That was far from the case, however. She has stayed in my metaphorical corner. Her support has been fantastic. She has shown my book to a few of her co-workers (which I appreciate) and understands my plights from both an educated and friend level.

There really was no point to me writing this other than I was feeling very particularly thankful of her existence when I wrote this. I will not link to her profiles or give her last name (because that is creepy and weird to do without permission) but I hope that everyone has a Linda-type in their life. We all need someone to just be in our corner when we need them.