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Interrupting this update to point you towards the rules for reviews on “You’re Not Dead”

I have started fantasizing about being a philosopher. I have no clue what becoming one would entail, but it would be so fascinating. To create ideas about what life is and human condition would be such an interesting endeavour.

I think my recent fascination has been caused by a stint of watching biographies brought to you by the School of Life on YouTube. They summarize a philosopher’s body of work and they do a quick biography on their life. It is a great way to waste a few hours.

At the same time, philosophers never seem to have a fantastic life (on the whole. Occasionally. Parts). I think what I hope for is that I will be remembered for doing something interesting after I die. Not by children, family, or others that are horribly biased, but by the masses. I realize that comes off as entitled, but it would be neat.

Of course, I say this not knowing if that will ever happen. I just want a Wikipedia page based on me because I am that vain.


My fiancée called me in a crying panic earlier this morning [Saturday, May 20th]. While waiting for a cab to take her to work, she saw a cat on the road.

The reason she got so upset (aside from seeing a dead cat) is that the cat apparently looked identical to ours. Hank was, meanwhile, sleeping behind me. We sorted it out very quickly, of course, but had no idea where to go next. Does anyone know the next step in Canada? We resorted to her asking the cab driver and I have no idea what happened next.

ANYWAY, the moral of this story is “please be careful with your pets.” Tasha and I have three that we love more than anything and could not fathom the idea of letting them escape the apartment, but I am quite aware that not everyone is that way.


[a few hours after The Dead Cat]

The owner of the cat in question came to my door about an hour ago.

Apparently, the cat pushed its way through a screen and escaped outside.

The owner of the cat kept his composure as he told me over the baying of my two dogs, but it was clear he was upset.

After he departed, I held Hank for over an hour.

I love my cat.

Hank. Sleeping. Happy.

Perfect Timing…


Just pass 100 updates, and this comes out: I was published in Outspoken Magazine! Just a brief article which was more of a rant than anything. I will link the original here.

Do I have much else to report? Not really. I still do not have any information about the interview I did the other week. Of course, I am writing this on Wednesday February 8th. I might have more information by now. Unfortunately, if you are reading this paragraph, then I have nothing else to report.

Update before posting: I was informed that it was aired on February 11th at 6pm. I’m trying to get my hands on it, or at least find a way to share it. Did you see it? Please let me know!

Issues Around Work

This is a piece I was avoiding writing. I wanted to make sure that my thoughts were pure and not just an angry rant. I do not want to damage any reputations or burn any bridges.

I have a mild discrepancy with my old place of employment.

Now, before I continue: I have to talk them up.

I landed in hospital rather abruptly. The only signs that things were going south were I was late to work twice: That is something I did not ever do. Really, if it was not me, no one would have looked up. I did eventually go in, and I was “okay”, kind of.

When I was in hospital, they paid me for four months, in full, which was fantastic. All there legal obligations were hit: all there I’s were dotted and T’s crossed.

I talked to the owner the May of 2014. I wept a bit because it was just so fantastic to hear his voice and to know that, as soon as I was up and going, I was welcomed back.

It is one thing to know that it is the law, in instances like this, to accept an employee back. It is another feeling entirely to know you are welcomed back and your boss looks forward to your return.

I got out of hospital in August and called in September. I called my boss and let him know of that. I reassured him of my will (or need) of getting back to work, and he sounded happy that was still the case. He informed me that he wanted to come out to see me ASAP, but wanted to wait for the Christmas rush to end first.

You see, in a retail environment, Christmas starts in September and goes through January. I knew this, and was very accepting of this. I was not planning to see him, I was just calling to keep him in the loop. I assumed that it was what he would have wanted.

I called several months later to follow up. I talked to his second in command who assured me that he would call me back.

I have heard nothing since.

Take that how you will, but I feel abandoned. I feel as if I have done something wrong. It has been too long for me to call out of the blue and be “uh… WTF?” but I feel as if I should say something. Instead, I am writing this entry about it, with no assumption that anything will change.

I still want that coffee.

UPDATE: The owner of the company called my mom the other day. He has her number because she was the main contact when I was in hospital. He was told to call me, which he did not do.