To those who check in every week: I am sorry I vanished Sunday. I spent my day thinking about rebranding this blog.

As much as I love what I have written, I find the health angle debilitating. I sometimes feel as if I cannot update with what I want. I know I have Mind the Music T.O. to talk about punk, I am not able to talk about things that I want to from time to time.

If you have an idea for a new name, please feel free to let me know.

Thank you for the patience. I am exited that I might have new information by Sunday!

I’m Making A Video

Hello, everyone!

As the title states, I am going to create a Vlog (does anyone say “vlog” anymore?) for next week instead of doing an update in my traditional fashion! Why? I have never really done it before with the exception of one review I did for Mind the Music TO.

Do you have any questions you have always wondered? Please leave them somewhere I can see them! The recommendation is to comment here, but either on my Facebook or on the You’re Not Dead page is acceptable. If this goes well, I will do another one and (hopefully) get better at it as time goes on!

Incase you care: Yes, my camera sucks. Yes, my microphone sucks. I am going to play with the audio to make it better, I hope, but it will still be subpar.

I state again, please ask me questions to be answered in the video. I have plans, but I am going to be scripting and editing all week!


I need some ways to focus my attention onto my next book. I currently have 7,695 words and am only on chapter 4 and only 17 pages in. I love the characters; I love the world. What keeps distracting me is life and the internet. I have not even played video games much in the last month, even though two games I was frantically looking forward to have presented themselves (Mass Effect: Andromeda & Persona 5).

On a side note: I do plan on giving a kind of review once I actually get through those. I really love both series and seem to hate having a social life, so I do not quite know why I am being tardy on playing them through. I think I am just afraid of getting to see an end of the characters even though they are two new worlds I haven’t become invested in yet. Maybe I’m just done with the worlds?!

Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know.


I just scrapped over 5,000 words from my next story. I really liked the first few pages, but it got so complicated too fast. The difference I am noticing between fiction vs. non-fiction is because I am creating the story, it is hard to continue with little direction. My planning has turned into almost tricking myself that it really happened, then writing my fabricated memories.
I am just shy of 25 hundred words and 7 pages in.

(I can do this.)


Know what has amazing music? Persona 5. Seriously. I have played about 2 hours of campaign and I have fallen in love with the music in this game. It is like a happy trip-hop or a mildly dysfunctional lounge soundtrack. It is similar to Persona 4, but a bit busier and a bit smoother(?). Due to my strange addiction to this game, Mass Effect has kind of gone the way-side. I am also waiting for all the bugs to have been eradicated. I know the game-breaking vacant stare has been fixed, but I also know of a million other bugs that I have witnessed in the little bit of spoiler territory I have let myself see.

{Another Edit An Hour Before Publication}

I have posted the first page of the new work over on You’re Not Dead. Read it over, let me know how I am doing.

Help Request

I have started writing my second book, and it is going moderately well.

I spent 10 years in the Canadian Independent music scene, so I am writing about my journeys in that. Now, I have most of the timeline figured out, and I am writing characters instead of “the hero” which is proving more difficult than I expected, simply because I have to dodge liable and copy-write infringement.

WITH THAT SAID! Please pass along stories to pad out my writing! Please help me to do this!

I am 11 pages deep (4000 words) and I have many stories still to share and places to elaborate. I would just like to know if people are interested in something like that.

ALSO: Please pass along any publishing information you have. I like Friessen Press, but I am not married to them yet. Since it is considered “self-publishing,” they do not do anything in the world of advertising and major distribution is left to me. I have talked to a few stores about carrying “You’re Not Dead” but they say no as soon as they see that the distribution is out of the states. This means they are fantastic for Amazon, Barns & Noble, etc. but not so great with The Book Express, for example. I would love to say that I am going to keep writing for all time, but being financially responsible for publication is taking its toll.

I digress: I am writing something new is the overall message I am trying to say. Though it is still in the early stages, I hope to have it ready for editing by December.

I Wish This Was Known

The stigma exists that people in wheelchairs are just leaching off the system. There is this miasma of assumption and a total disregard for any fact. What is an unfortunate truth is that we are forced out of regular society, crippled by expenses, and are crammed into having car expenses without having the car.

Forced out of regular society? That sounds a bit harsh. Unfortunately, even with laws put into place to make sure everywhere is accessible, there are loop-holes/there are ways around it. Between thresholds being too high to navigate in a chair, to washrooms that are just there to placate those who care, very few places are actually wheelchair friendly. My old tattoo shop is a great example. The only reason I do not have more ink on my flesh right now is the foot-high lift from the road to the door. I do understand the purpose, but it does not change the fact that I cannot go in there. Not right now.

Expenses? Try $60 (CDN) per barring for my front tires. Try the thousands a decent wheelchair costs. Try the fact that there is minor funding through government agencies, but you are still required to pay out of pocket a hefty sum. The base price for the wheelchair I use is $1675. That does not include the REQUIRED custom seat ($458) and the special backing ($535) OR any upgrades and changes that are required in the future. Hell, tire replacements start at $65 a tire. Yes, that is a mandatory change when it comes time to it.

Now, does all this bitching add up to the prices dictated by a car? Hell no. I am well aware of that. However, the segregation from society makes collecting an income very difficult, if not impossible. I cannot go back to my old job. I know for a fact that I am not alone in that. So, am I trying to say that the money spent on a wheelchair is as much as a car? No. Percent wise, however, they are comparable, if the wheelchair is not more.

To try to overcome this ridiculous debt that could be gained by being in a wheelchair, I wrote a book. I want to be an author, and this book is my first attempt at being so. I really do ask that you at least consider it. E-Book copies are very inexpensive, and physical copies are available (if you like them as much as I do). Depending how this all goes, I have another book started, and it is looking like it will be a good one.

Issues Around Work

This is a piece I was avoiding writing. I wanted to make sure that my thoughts were pure and not just an angry rant. I do not want to damage any reputations or burn any bridges.

I have a mild discrepancy with my old place of employment.

Now, before I continue: I have to talk them up.

I landed in hospital rather abruptly. The only signs that things were going south were I was late to work twice: That is something I did not ever do. Really, if it was not me, no one would have looked up. I did eventually go in, and I was “okay”, kind of.

When I was in hospital, they paid me for four months, in full, which was fantastic. All there legal obligations were hit: all there I’s were dotted and T’s crossed.

I talked to the owner the May of 2014. I wept a bit because it was just so fantastic to hear his voice and to know that, as soon as I was up and going, I was welcomed back.

It is one thing to know that it is the law, in instances like this, to accept an employee back. It is another feeling entirely to know you are welcomed back and your boss looks forward to your return.

I got out of hospital in August and called in September. I called my boss and let him know of that. I reassured him of my will (or need) of getting back to work, and he sounded happy that was still the case. He informed me that he wanted to come out to see me ASAP, but wanted to wait for the Christmas rush to end first.

You see, in a retail environment, Christmas starts in September and goes through January. I knew this, and was very accepting of this. I was not planning to see him, I was just calling to keep him in the loop. I assumed that it was what he would have wanted.

I called several months later to follow up. I talked to his second in command who assured me that he would call me back.

I have heard nothing since.

Take that how you will, but I feel abandoned. I feel as if I have done something wrong. It has been too long for me to call out of the blue and be “uh… WTF?” but I feel as if I should say something. Instead, I am writing this entry about it, with no assumption that anything will change.

I still want that coffee.

UPDATE: The owner of the company called my mom the other day. He has her number because she was the main contact when I was in hospital. He was told to call me, which he did not do.