I am releasing “This Does Not Matter” on the 5th of February. Pre-orders are live now, and I am looking into doing a softcover release if I see there is a demand for it.

I would love to expand where the book is available, but I am completely independent with this one. If you know of the link for anything else (like iTunes or Kobo), please leave a link in the comments below.

Also, not that I am expecting much, but if any Publishing Agency is interested in either this work, or my next one, let me know.

I am sorry that this is week four of me not posting what I say I am going to post. I have been a bit more pre-occupied than I thought I would be. I cannot promise next week will be better, but I have ideas if it is not. I can, however, promise that there will not be an update Sunday.

I digress: please consider pre-ordering “This Does Not Matter” or buying it on February 5th!

You’re so vain

I do not know how arrogant this is, but I am listening to an old album while writing my next book. I think (because I cannot bring myself to bullshit) that I am almost done: maybe just a page or two left before editing. I think I am going to name the book “it doesn’t matter” in all lowercase because I am a douche. You would think, in a time of hashtags and trending, that I would write something and name it one word to keep things easy. I am, however, convinced that the aesthetic is fantastic.

Just released the first chapter of the new book recently. I hope you like it!

Just saying.

(this post doesn’t matter)

I think I may have done all I can with book two. I am sending it to a friend of mine to read over to let me know how bad of an idea this was. In the event that this was not a bad idea, however, I will have a new book out in about six months! It is called this book does not matter. and it is short, again. Twice the length of You’re Not Dead, however.

This will be the first fiction that I have written that is more than a few pages long. That part makes me incredibly nervous, but also really excited to share it with the world.

TACKED ON LATE: The post that I made last week was post 150. I might be the only person who finds that a really cool number.

Why do I bother?

I have been working on my next book for the last few months. I am doing so quietly because I feel I am prone to make promises that I cannot keep.

I have run into a frequent issue that I have. What I have so far makes a fantastic story, in my observation. The plot is complex, the characters are rounded, and the scenery is detailed and flushed out. I have only written 70 pages, and a few of them contain only a sentence or two.

I view this as different from writers-block. It is not that I do not know where to go, it is more that I do not want to taint what I have so far. I do not have more story because I do not want more story.


I think I know what I’m going to do, and hopefully it will stretch everything out to at least 100 pages. 

I REALLY like it, and I hope you do to.


I re-read a blog I did back in October where I mentioned that I was working on a book detailing my 10 years in the Ontario music scene. I even hinted that I might be done a month after the posting.


The disappointing part about that work was that I got stuck in a place where I could not mention a massive part of a band I was in due to 1. copyright and 2. risk of libel. It was crushing. I could half-get around the copyright thing by giving it another name. The libel, unfortunately, is only that because I cannot prove my points. It, unfortunately being true or not, shaped events and decisions that were made after that point.

So, needless to say, I’m not doing that one anymore. I’m sorry to those who were involved and to those who actually wanted my perspective. They were an interesting 10 years, especially the parts that could get me into legal trouble.

I might go ahead and write it all out anyway, and just skip that two-year period. If I do go ahead with that, I will not release it through Friessen. I can, with great confidence, say that I am working on something. I am just shy of 100 pages in and absolutely love the ideas I have. The people I have shown it to seem to enjoy it, as well. I have some major kinks to work out still, but I am happy to say that I am making good progress with that one.


Starting the first of July, You’re Not Dead will use this as its main page.

I will be doing updates gradually over the next couple of weeks to facilitate this transition. I hope it will go as smoothly as possible.

On that note, I have sold 95 copies: completely independently! Thank you so much for your continued support. I have written about 75% of the next book, and I hope to have more information about that to you very soon!

Philosophy & More

Interrupting this update to point you towards the rules for reviews on “You’re Not Dead”

I have started fantasizing about being a philosopher. I have no clue what becoming one would entail, but it would be so fascinating. To create ideas about what life is and human condition would be such an interesting endeavour.

I think my recent fascination has been caused by a stint of watching biographies brought to you by the School of Life on YouTube. They summarize a philosopher’s body of work and they do a quick biography on their life. It is a great way to waste a few hours.

At the same time, philosophers never seem to have a fantastic life (on the whole. Occasionally. Parts). I think what I hope for is that I will be remembered for doing something interesting after I die. Not by children, family, or others that are horribly biased, but by the masses. I realize that comes off as entitled, but it would be neat.

Of course, I say this not knowing if that will ever happen. I just want a Wikipedia page based on me because I am that vain.


My fiancée called me in a crying panic earlier this morning [Saturday, May 20th]. While waiting for a cab to take her to work, she saw a cat on the road.

The reason she got so upset (aside from seeing a dead cat) is that the cat apparently looked identical to ours. Hank was, meanwhile, sleeping behind me. We sorted it out very quickly, of course, but had no idea where to go next. Does anyone know the next step in Canada? We resorted to her asking the cab driver and I have no idea what happened next.

ANYWAY, the moral of this story is “please be careful with your pets.” Tasha and I have three that we love more than anything and could not fathom the idea of letting them escape the apartment, but I am quite aware that not everyone is that way.


[a few hours after The Dead Cat]

The owner of the cat in question came to my door about an hour ago.

Apparently, the cat pushed its way through a screen and escaped outside.

The owner of the cat kept his composure as he told me over the baying of my two dogs, but it was clear he was upset.

After he departed, I held Hank for over an hour.

I love my cat.

Hank. Sleeping. Happy.


I need some ways to focus my attention onto my next book. I currently have 7,695 words and am only on chapter 4 and only 17 pages in. I love the characters; I love the world. What keeps distracting me is life and the internet. I have not even played video games much in the last month, even though two games I was frantically looking forward to have presented themselves (Mass Effect: Andromeda & Persona 5).

On a side note: I do plan on giving a kind of review once I actually get through those. I really love both series and seem to hate having a social life, so I do not quite know why I am being tardy on playing them through. I think I am just afraid of getting to see an end of the characters even though they are two new worlds I haven’t become invested in yet. Maybe I’m just done with the worlds?!

Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know.


I just scrapped over 5,000 words from my next story. I really liked the first few pages, but it got so complicated too fast. The difference I am noticing between fiction vs. non-fiction is because I am creating the story, it is hard to continue with little direction. My planning has turned into almost tricking myself that it really happened, then writing my fabricated memories.
I am just shy of 25 hundred words and 7 pages in.

(I can do this.)


Know what has amazing music? Persona 5. Seriously. I have played about 2 hours of campaign and I have fallen in love with the music in this game. It is like a happy trip-hop or a mildly dysfunctional lounge soundtrack. It is similar to Persona 4, but a bit busier and a bit smoother(?). Due to my strange addiction to this game, Mass Effect has kind of gone the way-side. I am also waiting for all the bugs to have been eradicated. I know the game-breaking vacant stare has been fixed, but I also know of a million other bugs that I have witnessed in the little bit of spoiler territory I have let myself see.

{Another Edit An Hour Before Publication}

I have posted the first page of the new work over on You’re Not Dead. Read it over, let me know how I am doing.

Blog #3

I actually forgot the format for the title of blogs and had to do some searching.

Hi there! I have started going down the dark cave that is writing a new book. I’ll let you know what it’s about and how it turns out in a week or two (because even I am not sure). I am currently writing one story based around one character, but I am tossing around the idea of writing several stories and make them all intertwine somehow. Thoughts? Ideas? I have great confidence in what I am doing, but I am worried that I am just trapped in my head.

Otherwise, life has been okay. I am lonely (as Tasha works 8-9 hours 6 days a week) but I have 3 fuzzy friends to keep me company. I am an hour (give or take) from most people I know, and those who can make the trip work a fuck tonne.

I have started pushing myself in new ways. For instance: I currently cannot go from sitting to standing without something to hold onto. To combat this, I have been putting myself in more and more awkward situations and forcing myself to deal with them.

TO BE CLEAR: I am being safe.

I know myself. I know that, if I hit the ground, it could be devastating. To make sure I am okay, my end goal is ALWAYS my wheelchair. I also make sure that my walker is close by. Barring those two things: a surface to get a hold of. Still no luck to bring to light, but I hope to report something soon.


Hahaha yeah. I am posting about being at post 100 on post 100. I have never made it to a goal in my life. My book was not even 100 pages long.

I have gotten no feedback on what to do for this occasion.

I was just involved in an interview that, if all goes well, will be accessible by the time this posts. It will, for sure, be on a Rogers channel very soon. As soon as I know when, I will make sure to let you know when and where.

It should involve me reading the beginning of my book (probably too fast) and things like that always make me nervous. I played drums, I wrote a book, and I was never one for speaking: whether public or otherwise.

Regardless of my hang-ups and self-discrimination; I am excited for it to happen and even more so for you all to watch it.