I’m Sorry About That

I just got internet back today (being the 29th of September) and I am very sorry that I had to take the month off. There was not much to talk about. Moving went well: Tasha and I are mostly set up and are only missing minor things like a table, and a couch, and chairs…

The main things are that we got entertainment up and running, we have the dogs and they are happy, and we have food. We have too much food. I am not complaining, but I only hear about how food seems to be scarce when you first move, and we have ever cupboard, every shelf in the fridge, and the freezer all bursting.

The impending question: how wheelchair accessible is it? I have been asked that only a few times since I moved in, but I feel it an important question to be certain.

The answer is that it isn’t bad, I guess. I cannot take the chair on the patio, doors are not connected to automatic buttons, and the laundry room is all top-loading machines. What is good is that the rooms are massive, and the layout is conducive to me practicing walking with a walker.

BOOK NEWS: I got to see my numbers since the release, finally. I am very excited and very thankful to everyone who purchased a copy. Just a reminder that the book is available here and, depending on which you order, wait times can be fun.

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