no god

I found myself really considering the point of religion and faith. In particular, what the Judaeo/Christian structure could do for my life

Once upon a time, I actually considered becoming a man of the cloth. I loved the idea of devoting myself to a higher cause, and belonging to a structure such as, in my case, the Catholic Church appealed to me. Around the age of 13, I was faced with the option of Confirmation in the Church. I decided that, if I was actually going to pay homage to the faith, I should do my reading.

I was appalled at the crusades, the racism, and the blatant contradictions being presented to me. Out of respect for the faith I once regarded so highly, I decided against the sacriment.

I spent the next couple of years teetering on the question of why I was so aghast by things of the past. I learned of the toucher conducted in the residential schools, religions continued existence in politics, and did reading into concepts that buck that mindset which was being dictated by the biggest institutions on the planet.

Today, I found a new question to pose: why?

Why allow yourself to sit in a box created by anyone? Why do you strive to live forever? What is the appeal of coming back to this literal Hell? What’s so wrong with things just happening?

I’m not looking to change anyones mind, but these are actual questions that I cannot figure out the answers to. What is so wrong with living a life of hedonism? Is it so bad that things just H A P P E N? Is there not some extended comfort in the idea that there is NO consequence for actions we make? Am I actually alone is thinking that it would be nice if there was nothing after we die?

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